Xbox flies into the danger zone with Top Gun: Maverick Console Giveaway

Tom Cruise has another hit on his hands with Top Gun: Maverick, the sequel to his classic high-flying ’80s adventure. Critics raved about the revival, and the general public will be able to see it for themselves starting May 24. As part of the release celebration, Xbox has released a unique movie-themed console/controller combo that one lucky Twitter user will take home.

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The console itself is a black Xbox Series S with a flight helmet layered above the system’s speaker cooling vent. The movie logo and Tom Cruise’s name adorn the bottom and a metallic detail surrounds the entire box below. The controller that comes with the Xbox Filmic attempts to recreate all the fun of climbing into a cockpit and not knowing what the buttons are doing. The gauges and switches are decorative and don’t bleed into any of the normal controls, but it’s an appropriate theme for the price. The winner will also receive a pair of Christopher Bates Aviator sunglasses and three free months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Not only does the latest in a long line of promotional Xbox consoles celebrate the release of Top Gun: Maverickbut it also announces the release of Upper gun expansion for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Delayed alongside the film last year, this free DLC for Microsoft’s excellent return to the skies introduces the F/A-18 Super Hornet fighter jet from the original film into the game. launched equally fast planes into the game during the time it took for the DLC to finally premiere, Upper gun fans will no doubt be thrilled to cruise through the game’s realistic environment in Maverick’s signature vehicle.

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2019 Ace Combat 7: Unknown Sky also participates in the cross-promotion action with its own Top Gun: Maverick expansion. The aircraft set will bring the same iconic fighter jet to Bandai Namco’s more arcade-like experience and add the F14A Tomcat and an as-yet-unnamed third aircraft, presumably from the new movie. Either way, fans excited for Tom Cruise’s latest blockbuster can have their pick of friendly skies to fly through once they get home.

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