Woman gives birth on flight between Qatar and the Philippines | Video

It’s only happened about 50 times around the world, but when it does, you want a crew like this by your side.

A baby girl was born alive on a Philippine Airlines flight from Doha to Manila.

The baby, named Scarlet Ann, was born at 7:20 a.m. on November 20, just two and a half hours before flight PR685 landed in Manila.

The flight, which was carrying 320 passengers, landed safely after being piloted by Captain Rainiel Viola.

According to airline spokesperson Cielo Villaluna, the plane’s cabin crew worked together to manage the mid-air delivery.

Two of the crew, Merian Buan Ventura and Philip King Aguilar, are registered nurses, while Marc Anthony Cue, Clinton Ros, Ann Claire Reboron and Scarlett Mercado attended.

“Flight attendant Merian, assisted by FS Philip, cut the umbilical cord and attended to the mother’s medical needs,” Villaluna explained on Facebook.

“FS Philip and FS Mark helped the mother gently lie down on the blankets they placed on the cabin floor while FA Ann wrapped the baby in a blanket to keep her warm.

“FA Scarlet has cordoned off the area for more privacy. While mother and child rested side by side, two doctors on board – Dr Evelyn Bunye and Dr Christy Lamonosa came to the area to monitor them.

“Two mothers on board donated baby clothes. “

According to Simple theft, while births on board a flight are quite rare – this only happens to one in 26 million passengers – it has been recorded that only 50 “skyborns” have been registered in the world.

Typically, when a baby is born on board, it is usually an unexpected delivery that takes place prematurely of the expected date of delivery. According to The Points Guy, airlines are trying to minimize risk with policies for pregnant women. For example, American requires a doctor’s note for pregnant women traveling within 30 days of the due date.

Although the cabin crew receive training in first aid and medicine, this does not normally cover a mother giving birth.

When this happens, the crew can call on any traveling healthcare professional among the passengers to help them. During this time, the airlines usually organize the hijacking of the flight in question.

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