Will Bezos launch Captain Kirk into space? Shatner can join the flight

Bezos Captain Kirk Star Trek
Jeff Bezos will take actor William Shatner, who played famous Captain Kirk in Star Trek, on his next space trip with Blue Origin. Credit: Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0

Jeff Bezos is reportedly taking actor William Shatner to space with him on Blue Origin’s next flight. Shatner played the famous Captain Kirk in the legendary Star Trek franchise.

The 90-year-old Canadian actor has been invited to accompany Jeff Bezos and the rest of his team on Blue Origin’s trip to space next month on October 12.

The trip is preceded by the company’s first passenger flight in July. Shatner will be propelled into space for a 15-minute civilian flight where he will experience weightlessness for several minutes. The flight will take the same rocket as last time, “New Shepard”, and is expected to launch from the West Texas site at 8:30 am Central Time.

Besides Shatner, two other crew members were released: Chris Boshuizen, former NASA engineer and co-founder of Planet Labs, and Glen de Vries, co-founder of Medidata Solutions. The other two passengers will be announced by the end of the week.

The preparation for the trip and the flight itself will be filmed for a documentary on the event and Shatner’s legacy and relationship with space culture. The documentary toured the various platforms but has not yet found its official home.

The veteran actor made his first appearance as captain of the Enterprise spaceship in the original 1966 television series, which quickly became a sensation among audiences around the world, spawning four spin-off TV shows and 13 feature films.

Bezos plans to build on New Shepard’s successful summer space flight

Bezos, the richest man in the world and founder of ubiquitous online retailer Amazon, kicked off his company’s first successful Blue Origin trip to space last July.

The Blue Origin capsule reached speeds more than three times the speed of sound before reaching 80 kilometers (approximately 262,000 feet), which is considered the limit of space. The crew, including Mark Bezos, Jeff Bezos, Oliver Daemen, and Wally Funk – the first female astronaut training in the 1960s – hovered in gravity for a few minutes.

The capsule returned a few minutes later and landed under a set of parachutes.

With a net worth of around $ 205 billion, Bezos, 57, is the only private space entrepreneur to participate in his company’s first crewed flight. He was accompanied by his brother Mark Bezos, 53.

Wally Funk, 82, and Oliver Daemen, 18, the oldest and youngest humans to ever fly in space, accompanied Bezos and his brother.

Daemen was belatedly added to the crew after his seat, which was originally part of a public auction, was sold by an anonymous individual who offered $ 28 million to steal but failed to could witness the flight.

Daemen’s father, Joes, was also a contestant in the Blue Origin contest, and the teenager was scheduled to fly as part of his second crewed launch as a paying passenger.

The groundbreaking space launch took place at an extremely historic milestone, the 52nd anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, which first inspired Bezos to go to space.

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