Why gourmets swear by “en papillote” cooking

En papillote helps even the finicky cooks among us whip up sumptuous entrees with that “wow” factor. A step-by-step approach to baking en papillote is to first tear off a sheet of parchment paper and cut it into the shape of a large heart. Next, place your sliced ​​vegetables on the left lobe of your cutout. MasterClass suggests building a tower of veggies, then protein, then adding flavor elements like sliced ​​lemon or halved cherry tomatoes and spices. Just consider adding a little extra moisture – maybe lemon juice, a little of your favorite wine, or a little olive oil to distribute the flavor evenly throughout the pouch as it cooks.

Fold the right lobe of your cutout over the left to cover your concoction, then scrunch the edges together to seal in the moisture. If your parchment folds are finicky and unraveling, Wonder How To suggests brushing a little egg wash (beaten egg with water) around the edges of your parchment to make the pouch stick together.

Cooking times vary slightly by recipe, but as a general rule, no cooking above 450 F – you will burn (more like torch) your scroll. Split your bag and enjoy your dinner. Or leave the bags inflated for your guests to slice at the table for a collective festive atmosphere. Customer appreciation is nice, but even better is cleaning, which requires throwing in a few bags rather than scrubbing a sink full of dishes.

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