Viral Video Shows The Effect Of G-Force On This Female Pilot’s Face

There are many funny videos online, and some of them can be reasoned because of science. Our daily life revolves around science, from waking up in the morning to returning to sleep at night. Another puzzling video has made its way around the internet of an aging pilot’s face under the effects of G-force. The 32-second video opens with a female pilot supposedly flying in a fighter jet and takes a turn when his face changes.

After a few images where the pilot takes turns, the force of the atmosphere makes his face wrinkle like that of an old lady. Within seconds, his face was back to normal. The pilot heaved a huge sigh after completing the turn. She even took a second to look at the camera and stuck her tongue out and relaxed.

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The post’s caption read, “The effects of G-force on the face.”

Twitterati are shocked by the scientific phenomena that occurred in the video. One of the users said, “Using a fighter or attack aircraft would surely age you faster due to the g-forces involved.”

“She went from 25 to 75 in seconds! Amazing!” added another person.

Another user commented, “Bro she just got a glimpse of what she’s going to look like as an older woman lol.”

Another person joked, “If you want to see what someone will look like when they get older, take them on this ride as a first date.”

The video has exceeded around six million people and has been retweeted by 6,532 Twitter users since it was uploaded.

For those unfamiliar with G-Force, it means that when an aircraft’s lift is greater than the force of gravity, controlled flight becomes possible, which was demonstrated by the Wright brothers in 1903.

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