Vermont Flight Academy takes young people under their wing with new flight program

SOUTH BURLINGTON, Vermont (WFFF) – The Vermont Flight Academy has launched a program that gives Vermonters aged 12 to 22 a new perspective, thousands of feet in the air.

The VT flight started on the first Saturday with 15 flights. Professional pilots teach students the inner workings of piloting and accompany them on their journeys.

The first student of Flight VT was Hannah Knowles, a sixth grader. “I’ve actually been terrified of heights for about the fourth year, but I love to fly,” she said.

At 11, she faced her fears head-on. Earlier this year, she took a trip she will never forget. “Being in the air is so much fun. Especially in the pilot‘s seat, you can actually experience what someone likes to fly a plane to New York or something like that, ”Hannah said.

Program Director Tyler Brown is partnering with community youth centers to make an activity like flying more accessible. Flight VT selects participants from community and family groups from across the region, such as Spectrum Youth & Family Services, Sara Holbrook Community Center, King Street Youth Center, Boys & Girls Club of Burlington, and Boys & Girls Club of Vergennes.

“We want to get the young people of Vermont to start thinking about the possibilities and the things that they think are impossible are, in fact, possible,” said Brown.

Brown also says the program is not designed to turn students into professional pilots. But, instead, broaden their horizons. “We try to explore different career paths. There are so many different opportunities in aviation.

Hannah is one of 25 flying students at the Sara Holbrook Community Center. Associate Director Melissa Pennington helps nearly 500 children a year, from toddlers to 18 years old. She says she saw Hannah grow tremendously from this experience.

“That’s why we do what we do to give children experiences like this that inspire their goals, their dreams,” said Pennington. “As Hannah says, she now has big dreams for her future and what she wants to do when she’s older.”

Despite her fear of heights, Hannah says flying is something she aspires to do professionally.

“I learned something about people, is that people do things because it’s scary. And because fear makes it fun. When I’m older I want to be a rescue pilot and help people, ”Hannah said.

Flight VT plans to host more events this summer on July 10 and August 7, as well as a few more throughout the year. The program has completed 15 trips to date and is targeting 100. For more information, visit their website.

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