US military unveils new variant of the Black Hawk at Fort Indiantown Gap

The Eastern National Guard Aviation Training Site (EAATS) received six UH-60Vs from the Utility Helicopter Program Office in late July, and the school’s instructor pilots have been training since then. on the new variant as they prepare to start training other students.

“The ‘Victor’ model will expand the military’s ability and ability to meet the demands on the joint force,” Pennsylvania Adjutant General Mark Schindler said at the ceremony. “In addition, the model will ensure national security and support combatants now and in the future. “

Overhaul of an aging fleet

EAATS, which is located adjacent to the Muir Army Airfield in Fort Indiantown Gap, was the first unit in the army to receive the new variant. Schindler said he was extremely excited and proud that the EAATS was chosen to be the first unit equipped with the UH-60V.

“It is fitting that our location was chosen to start the UH-60 Victor training,” he said. “EAATS is an accomplished organization, repeatedly proving to be a force multiplier for all components of the US military and our multinational partners, unmatched in the military business.”

The UH-60V was developed for the purpose of overhauling aging fleets of UH-60A and L. It features an improved digital glass cockpit, certified RNAV GPS database, and advanced flight planning and monitoring capabilities. mission. Founded in 1981, EAATS provides individual aviator qualification training, enlistment aviation training and non-commissioned officer professional development with a focus on the UH-60 Black Hawk and CH-47 Chinook helicopters. .

Recently, United Rotorcraft awarded Sikorsky a contract for five S-70 Black Hawk helicopters for aerial firefighting.

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