U.S. military planes will become deadlier than ever with new sensor technology

As technology advances, so do the systems used by the US military in combat. Researchers are currently developing a feature that will improve weapon systems by incorporating automated scanning and detection of enemy targets.

Dubbed Full-Spectrum Targeting (FST), the program led by Army Futures Command (AFC) aims to advance next-generation sensor technology to provide the aircraft with the distance and speed needed to respond faster than the enemy.

Developed by the C5ISR – the Army’s Advanced Applied Research and Technology Development Center – the new sensor technology has already been incorporated into a Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk. The aircraft was used as a replacement for the Army Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft (FARA) during the Experimental Demonstration Event (EDGE) which took place this month.

During an air assault exercise, the Black Hawk used its new technology to detect a target and send coordinates and images to the network. The target was successfully eliminated and the results met expectations.

The army’s ultimate goal is to widen the view that the crew can see in the current reconnaissance aircraft and reduce the time it takes to locate the enemy. So how exactly does this new technology work? According to Dr. Brian Thomas, leader of the Unmanned and Fixed-Wing Branch of the C5ISR Center, to detect the position of the enemy in front of the aircraft, the system uses automatic scanning and detection algorithms and searches for a defined region in front of the aircraft. the plane.

As a result, the sensors will give the aviator the ability to serve as a mission commander as well. In addition, the target can be attacked almost instantly as the images will be received faster.

“This system will transform the weapons officer’s perspective from a soda straw to a wide-angle, high-definition view of the entire battlefield,” explains Thomas.

The FST program also includes research on day and night targeting capabilities, all weather, and technologies capable of detecting hidden targets and distinguishing decoys.

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