This handy gadget connects your AirPods to in-flight TVs

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I was late to the party with AirPods, but I’m glad I have a pair. They make listening to music, podcasts, and everything in between a whole lot easier, because there are no tangled cords to untangle or steer clear of. For me, they are superior to wired headphones in almost every way. However, one thing AirPods can’t easily do is connect to TVs on airplanes. Since I have AirPods, I actually only watch shows with subtitles and no audio whenever I’m in the air. Not the most enjoyable viewing experience, which is why I’m more than happy to add this genius hack to my cart.

say hello to Twelve South AirFly Pro. It allows you to connect your headphones or wireless headphones to the TV during your flight – no more captioning or avoiding in-flight entertainment like me. This handy little tech gadget also connects to gym equipment, gaming devices, or any 3.5 audio jack.

With over 16 hours of battery life, you’re sure to be able to watch five different movies in a row during your long flight abroad. And if you forget to charge the transmitter before taking off, don’t even worry. Simultaneously charge and use your AirFlyPro with the supplied cable.

“It was perfect for flying! All I had to do was plug it into the screen and push a button and it synced very easily with my Echo Buds/iPhone and worked seamlessly. Perfect for use on flights without all the extra cords,” wrote one reviewer.

We can’t believe there’s such an easy fix for not having wired headphones on a flight. Whether you are a frequent traveler or not, it will certainly come in handy on your next trip. It’s especially handy if you’re sitting in the aisle and don’t want to have to untangle your headphones every time your neighbors have to get up. Either way, you’re set for uninterrupted, hassle-free in-flight entertainment with Twelve South AirFly Pro.

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Using the transmitter on flights is one of its main functions, but did we mention it has so many more too? Remember all those times when you didn’t know how to connect your phone to your rental car? Simply stream music and directions with AirFly Pro.

It also serves as wireless headphone splitter. This means you can pair two different sets of wireless headphones to the same device so you and your best friend can listen at the same time.

“As an international traveler, I have several flights over 8 hours where I want to watch movies or TV shows, but hate using airplane headphones because they are painful,” wrote one five-star reviewer. . “This device allows me to easily sync any of my own headphones using Bluetooth to have a pleasant experience on my flight. I can’t fly without it.

Plus, the AirFly Pro reaches 33 feet, giving you plenty of room to move around a bit while watching.

One shopper mentioned their 5pm flight and said, “To my surprise they were delivered. Perfectly. Even when I walked into the toilet on the plane (I forgot my AirPods were plugged in lol). In my honest opinion it is a better investment than buying extra legroom.”

All your in-flight entertainment issues, like knotted wired headphones hurting your ears and literally getting caught up in everything around you, are gone. Fair connect your AirPods to the AirFly Pro and you’re ready to enjoy all the movies and TV shows on your next long flight.

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