These are the most expensive SUVs of 2022

SUVs have become fashionable in recent years as consumers have wanted more convenient means of transportation, which can serve as a daily driver to a family getaway vehicle. With this in mind, automakers have embraced this trend with full force – many of them replacing their hatchbacks and hatchbacks with crossovers and SUVs.

With the SUV becoming the new sedan, automakers had to get creative with their designs and features in order to stand out from the crowd. Mercedes-Benz added Maybach to its SUV division in the form of the Mercedes-Maybach GLS, while Hyundai opted for a more striking design with its new Tucson. Premium vehicle makers have also joined Bentley’s Bentayga range and Rolls-Royce’s Cullinan. This trend has even spread to supercar manufacturers such as Lamborghini and Aston Martin – with Ferrari set to unveil its new Purosangue SUV.

This overbearing influx of the SUV body style has many automakers vying for dominance, and as such some SUVs have become affordable enough for day-to-day business. Many have gone the other way and exploded in price, while some are even more expensive than supercars. Here are some of the most expensive 2022 SUV on the market.

ten Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

The 2022 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross on the road.
Via: Mitsubishi Cars Media

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross has been in production since 2017 and replaced the Eclipse sports car with an ugly crossover pretending to be an SUV. It has a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine mated to a CVT transmission, driving the front wheels. While the base price of just under $24,000 isn’t bad, the 2022 Eclipse Cross just doesn’t offer the refinement that many of its rivals have.

Side view of the 2022 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross.
Via: Mitsubishi Cars Media

While styling is subjective, the Eclipse Cross’s exterior design is bold for a crossover, but, like most current Mitsubishis, it just looks too stylish to attempt to stand out from the sea of ​​crossovers and SUVs. As a result, it’s overlooked by many who prefer a Honda HR-V.

9 renegade jeep

Exterior color options for the 2022 Jeep Renegade model
By: Jeep

The Jeep Renegade is currently the smallest of the Jeep models on sale and is essentially a re-bodied Fiat 500X. The Renegade offers the same engine choices as the 500, including the 1.3-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder producing 177 hp. The base Renegade model starts at just over $24,000, rising to well over $30,000 for the Trailhawk version.

2021 Jeep Renegade
Via ChryslerJeepDodgeOfParamus

While the base model’s price is a bit above the norm for a crossover of this size, it’s not a bad car. The problem arises when opting for extras, which can easily lead to paying almost $28,000 for a relatively small car with questionable off-road capabilities – weird as it has a Jeep badge on the front .

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8 Chevrolet Equinox

Chevrolet Equinox in Red

The Chevrolet Equinox is a compact crossover SUV that starts at just under $26,000, which isn’t bad for the size. The problem then comes from the fact that the standard equipment option at rivals increases the final price – which can easily stop at more than $30,000. At this revised price, a potential customer might as well buy a Chevy Trailblazer because it’s slightly larger and offers better technology and engines.

Chevrolet Equinox

The facelifted Equinox has lost its 2.0-liter turbo 4-cylinder and is currently only available with a 170-hp 1.5-liter, which struggles to pull the nearly 3,700-pound weight. The Equinox isn’t the prettiest of the current crossover lineup either, falling a bit into the over-styled category with the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross.

7 Lincoln Corsair

Silver Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring 2022
Through Ford

The Lincoln Corsair starts at just under $38,000, which is $12,000 more than the Ford Escape it’s based on. Yes, the Corsair is more luxurious than the Escape, but for that starting price one could have either a new Bronco, Explorer or even an F-150 – all of which offer greater versatility.

2022 Lincoln Corsair
Through Lincoln

The Corsair also inherits engines from the Escape, including the hybrid, but that bumps the price up to over $52,000 – a bit more than the starting price of an Aviator – which is a better car. So while the Corsair is a pretty car, it’s definitely overpriced.

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6 Buick Enclave

2022 Buick Enclave on the road
Through Media. Buick

The Buick Enclave is a rebadged Chevrolet Traverse for almost $10,000 more. While the Traverse follows Chevrolet’s design language, the Enclave looks like an SUV version of the European Opel Insignia. While the 2022 refresh improved the styling, the rear resembles Marvin the depressed robot from Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy.

2020 Buick Enclave rear corner
Photo by: Charles North VI

The Enclave gets the same naturally aspirated 3.6-liter V6 from the Traverse – because the cars are mechanically identical. The top-of-the-line ‘Avenir’ spec Enclave costs over $55,000, or $3,000 more than a Chevrolet Tahoe – a superior SUV in every way.

5 Toyota Venza

2021 Toyota Verso

The Toyota Venza is essentially a cheaper version of the Lexus NX. However, while the NX is allowed to cost as much as it does – because it’s an excellent luxury car – the Toyota is not allowed to start at more than $32,000. The Venza has the same shape as the NX, however, the bumpers seem too plain for a car of this price. It has too many empty lines and the interior is too close to the NX to make sense.

Rear 3/4 view of the new Toyota Venza

For the price of a Venza with a few options, the RAV4 is a much better choice because it has the same technology and comfort, while having more space and better capabilities. Besides, a Tundra is not out of reach, even with a budget of $35,000.

4 Audi Q5

by Audi

The Audi Q5 is the German brand’s mid-range offering. It’s sold quite well since its introduction in 2008. The 2022 Q5 starts at nearly $45,000 – in line with its German rivals – however, the options list could quickly increase that amount. Some options simply enhance the car, including the Audi Virtual Cockpit, which replaces the instrument cluster with a highly configurable display, making commuting easier and more fun.

2022 Audi Q5 front view
By Audi

Adding the necessary options results in a price tag of over $50,000, which makes even the BMW X3 seem like good value for money. If no option is checked, the base price of the Q5 is still higher than that of a Volvo XC60, which has plenty of options as standard and is a better car overall.

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3 Mercedes-Benz GLC

Silver Mercedes-Benz GLC 2019
Via Mercedes-Benz

The Mercedes-Benz GLC starts at around the same price as the Audi Q5 ($45,000) — and has many of the same issues. It’s a more upscale car, like the Audi, so optional extras would quickly add to the purchase price. Oddly enough, Mercedes itself has a better alternative to the GLC in the form of the GLB.

The Mercedes-Benz GLC43 AMG
Via: Wikimedia

The GLB is based on the GLA, but it’s a seven-seater with enough room for adults. For anyone wanting an AMG version, the GLB45 AMG is available and since Mercedes-AMG is ditching the twin-turbo V8 from the smaller versions in favor of a hybrid 4-cylinder, potential buyers won’t miss a bigger engine in the CGL.

2 Bentley Bentayga

Bentley Bentayga
via Bentley

The Bentley Bentayga is a super luxurious SUV that not only rivals the Rolls-Royce Cullinan, but also sportier SUVs such as the Lamborghini Urus and Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT. The interesting thing is that the Bentayga is just a version of the same SUV. The platform is shared with the Urus, Cayenne, VW Touareg, Audi Q7 and Audi Q8.

Bentley Bentayga
via Bentley

So while the Bentayga is truly luxurious, why not buy one of the less expensive SUVs and save over $50,000 for what is essentially the same car. The Bentayga starts from nearly $170,000 and with options the car can easily pass the $200,000 mark – while the Audi RS Q8 costs just $120,000 and offers much the same performance.

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1 Mercedes-Benz G-Class

The front of the new G-Wagen in the snow

The Mercedes-Benz G-Class is one of the coolest SUVs ever made. Originally designed to be the German Army’s equivalent of the British Land Rover and American Jeep, the G-Wagon quickly became popular as an excellent off-roader.

2019 Mercedes Benz G-Class: The luxury off-road SUV.
via: CNET

The G-Class remained essentially the same mechanically from its introduction in 1979, until 2018, when it was replaced by an all-new platform and construction method. The old G-Class has always been expensive, but the current generation is simply outrageous with its prices. Starting at nearly $135,000, the G550 isn’t even an AMG and costs nearly the same as a high-end Alpina XB7. The G-Class – although really cool – is certainly the most expensive SUV currently on the market.

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