The Huntington Beach couple in the mix for the new season of ‘The Amazing Race’

Dom Jones and her now-fiancé Richard Kuo took the charter flight last May.

They were leaving on a jet plane and did not know when they would return. The destination of the two Huntington Beach residents was also unknown.

“They don’t tell us where we’re going,” Jones said. “We all look at our compasses, like, are we going north, are we going south? At first I thought we were going to Canada, then we continued flying for a few more hours.

The destination was Munich, Germany, the starting point of their adventure, which will soon be seen by people across the country.

Jones and Kuo are on the 34th season of reality show “The Amazing Race,” which airs Wednesday night on CBS.

Huntington Beach’s Richard Kuo, left, and Dom Jones, are contestants in the new season of ‘The Amazing Race.’

(Kevin Chang / personal photographer)

This is the first time in the show’s history that the starting point has been outside of the United States. Jones and Kuo are among 12 teams competing for the $1 million top prize, a group that also includes former professional soccer coach Rex Ryan.

Although the couple are limited in what they can say, the experience has clearly changed them. Since returning from filming the series, they got engaged last month.

“We learned a lot about our relationship,” Kuo said. “It was an experience that I wish everyone had the opportunity to have, because it is really life changing in some way… It was a great opportunity for us to reflect on ourselves. . and overcome the limiting beliefs we have about ourselves. . I think it’s a perfect parallel with life. It’s up to us to understand: ‘OK, I feel like I can’t not do that, but how can I do that?’ »

Jones and Kuo were known as “Team Love and Light” on the show, and they used the hashtag #RichDom.

Jones, who ran for the open Huntington Beach City Council seat last year, owns a gymnasium in town. Kuo started an organization called the global “You Matter” movement and is a motivational speaker and life coach, meaning the two travel around the country to speak at school assemblies.

They started dating in April 2019 and quickly became devoted fans of “The Amazing Race.”

“During the pandemic, we watched it a lot over dinner and stuff like that,” Kuo said. “One day Dom said, ‘Hey, let’s apply for the show. I said, ‘OK, that sounds good.’ And she’s like, ‘Let’s do it now.’

They submitted a video late at night. A few weeks later, Jones received an email from casting producer Joy Gordo.

Richard Kuo and Dom Jones, center, form a team of motivational speakers on the new season of

Richard Kuo and Dom Jones, center, form a team of motivational speakers for the new season of “The Amazing Race.”

(Courtesy of Kit Karzen/CBS)

After a few Zoom calls, they knew they were on the show. Jones believes his message of love and light was a big reason they were selected.

Although she is not running for office this fall, she has been involved in politics and said she befriended Ada Briceño, chair of the Orange County Democratic Party.

“They picked 24 people, and we’re two of the 24 because of the message I want to share, which is unity and love,” Jones said. “We are so divided, we are so in our corners and we are so partisan. My message to the world is that if we can remember that we are all human beings and we all want the same basic things…if we can start there and stop letting fear divide us, then we can come to a place of progress and moving forward.”

How far will they go in the show? People will have to watch to find out. Jones said she could host several watch parties, between her gym friends and her political friends.

“It was super cool,” she said. “The challenges were thorny. You know me, I’m physically fit and I train several times a day, but it’s not even about physics. It’s a race. It really is a race, in every sense of the word.

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