‘The Flight Attendant’ team on [Spoiler]Cassie’s return brings her life down

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for The Flight Attendant Season 2 Episodes 3 “The Reykjavik Ice Sculpture Festival Is Lovely This Time of Year” and 4 “Blue Sincerely Reunion.”]

With the last two episodes, The stewardess takes Cassie (Kaley Cuoco) to Iceland to find her missing friend, Megan (Rosie Perez), after misinterpreting a message and reuniting her with an old enemy, then back home, where she makes a decision that puts end to his life.

First, in Iceland, Miranda (Michelle Gomez) comes to the rescue of Cassie and Megan – Megan has a bounty on the heads of the North Koreans – and helps them get out of the country. “Miranda was, of course, a fan favorite in Season 1, and we wanted to bring her back with some real shine in Season 2,” executive producer Natalie Chaidez told TV Insider. “It was pure joy on set to have [Kaley and Michelle]. These two are so funny off-screen, behind the cameras. You couldn’t believe the level of banter between Kaley, Margaret [Cho], Rosie and Michelle on this set. I hope she’s badass too [as she was] — she stabs someone in the back, she gets shot in the leg again, she has a helicopter — [and] that she lives up to her height in Season 1.”

But before parting ways with Cassie this time, Miranda tells her that there will be no more “Miranda ex Machina”. Does that mean we won’t see her again? “I think we live in a world where Miranda is always around, so never say never,” said executive producer Steve Yockey.

That being said, Cassie thinks she won’t have her as a replacement now. “Listen, was it the smartest thing to go to Iceland? No. Was it the smartest thing to play hero instead of dealing with your own problems? And I think Miranda was there,” Yockey continues. “But we, as storytellers, can only play that card so many times. So she got one. She gets a “Get Out of Jail Free” card which is “Miranda is going to put you on a private jet and fly you back into the country”, but I think Cassie is going to have to learn to start solving her own problems.”


Cassie adds to this list of problems at the end of “Blue Sincerely Reunion”. Just after arriving home in Los Angeles, she discovers that two bodies have been found in Echo Park (CIA analysts, she then finds out). And unaware of the other versions of herself in her mental palace, Cassie sleeps with her CIA handler, Benjamin Barry (Mo McRae).

“She is back home. She has to, all of a sudden, deal with all those problems she left behind when she went to Reykjavik, including Marco [Santiago Cabrera] wanting to move in together and it starts to go too fast for her and all that,” says Yockey. “Then the bodies that are found in Echo Park Lake and everything really go up and she feels all that pressure.”

It goes back to the Cassie we met in Season 1, when she was “someone who drowned her issues with alcohol and sex,” he continues. “There’s no more alcohol, so she has to do something. I feel like when we broke it in the writers room, the conversation was, “she’s looking for different ways to blow up this perfect life she has now because she can’t handle it,” and so we let her. ”

Mo McRae as Benjamin, Kaley Cuoco as Cassie in The Flight Attendant


But Cassie isn’t the only one in a dark place at the end of the episode. Benjamin too, and he had been drinking when she arrived. McRae hopes seeing him like this “says a lot about his vulnerability and his sensitivity to something that he’s ostensibly been trying to fight all through, I think, the season up to this point. He’s tried to to be on a certain path, so I think you have to acknowledge the vulnerability there, but due to the nature of the show, you also have to question the motivation behind it and what is the end goal? Was it really just a driving error or was it something else?

The season started with Benjamin refusing to tell Cassie anything about himself. But what does he think of her now? “Obviously, on some level, he feels some kind of connection. There has to be a connection to engage in this way,” McRae says. “They happen to be, for better or worse, at the same place at the same time, sort of floating together in the same troubled waters and then having to hold together to stay afloat.”

Deniz Akdeniz as Max, Zosia Mamet as Annie in The Flight Attendant


Speaking of relationships, Annie (Zosia Mamet) and Max (Deniz Akdeniz) might actually be a little stronger after surviving being held hostage by the Diazes, Gabrielle (Callie Hernandez) and Esteban (JJ Soria), hunters of bonuses after Megan. Annie apologizes and admits she’s bad with feelings, and Max assures her that everything will be fine. So did they need to go through something intense like this to have any hope of making their relationship work?

“Deniz and I have talked about it a lot throughout the season,” Mamet shares. “We wondered if Annie and Max would have made it without us going through such a traumatic scenario together. It kind of forces them to rethink their priorities and how they feel about each other and put all the other things out of side and without that, I don’t know.

Akdeniz agrees. “It shows them what’s really important, otherwise they could have slowly diminished their relationship. It brings them closer, forces them to rely on each other and work together, so I think that trauma is the best thing for them. never happened,” he adds.

As for the Diazes, say what you will about their ways, but they seem like a pretty stable couple when it comes to their relationship. “There’s a method to our craziness, and we achieve so much together,” Soria points out. “I feel like Gabrielle is the leader of the two. [For Esteban, it’s] ‘I love him so much. I want to make her happy. Their relationship works, as crazy as it is, as crazy as they are.

Hernandez adds, “I think it was intentional on the part of the writers. The Diazes and our relationship, a lot of the comedy comes from there because at the end of the day, we may be completely off, but that love and that connection can still exist. That’s what made it so fun to play.

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