Spring League Week 5 (TSL) North Division Transactions

Every week we have seen roster changes from each of the two divisions within the newly formatted Spring League. Week 5 is no different. But, some of this week’s transactions could have bigger impacts than the previous ones.


The only player who was released by the Alphas was RB Brian Burt. Burt really set the league on fire last season and picked up in 2021 where he left off in 2020. The only problem is that Blake Morgan opened the scene.

As Burt moved on – expect an announcement soon – the team picked up Western Michigan RB Jarvion Franklin, who as a freshman racked up 24 TDs on the floor. After his stint, he had over 5,500 versatile yards and 56 total touchdowns.

The Alphas also added to their defensive line by taking over Ke’Tyrus Marks who played at the universities of Arkansas and Samford. A monster in gap A, which will plug the holes against the racing game, and open up the guys on the edge, and at the second level to make plays.

Another new member of the Alphas defense is DL Zane Smith of Stetson University. He can play both inside and on the rim, so look for him to play a major role as the team look to hold onto the number spot in the division all the way down the home stretch.

OL David Brown is the most recent in the CFL and is working hard to at least get back into that league and eventually get into the NFL. He brings experience in a similar offense and may not have an immediate impact on the pitch, but his leadership should help quickly like Thursday’s games.


QB Keller Chryst didn’t have the year he hoped for, and now that he’ll miss the rest of the season, the Aviators have signed former QB XFL Vad Lee.

Last week I asked what the Alphas adding Brady White meant to Lee, and now we see,

WR Delvon Hardaway’s loss is huge. He was a big target in 2020 for the Aviators, and the same for this year. They will need to find someone to put on these shoes during the last weeks of the season.

Stefan Claiborne is a big asset in their defense, as he can play S and CB, giving them depth in both positions. RB Kelvin Taylor was a 6th pick for the 49ers and rebounded in the NFL before playing for the Apollos in the #AAF. The team also brought back QB George Bowen from 2020.


Not surprised by the movement in the kicking game, as it wasn’t working for Cole Murphy. His replacement, Michael Carrizosa, punted in San Jose St.

RB Art Thompkins is from Toledo and UConn, good at the passing game, small in stature, but a really sneaky guy. It will add to their weapons.

LB Zach Richardson is what some call a tweener, which means he can play LB, cover and play S. He should go really well with Hall and See.

R9n’Quavuon Tarver played in Utah State with Jordan Love, and while he wasn’t a prime target, he took advantage of playing with this talented QB. This should be really good for Anderson and Silvers as they are doing a late push to upset the top ranked Alphas.

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