Small plane intercepted by fighter jet over Hudson River for violating temporary flight restrictions during UNGA

The FAA said a Cessna 182 entered the TFR around 2 p.m. The small plane was intercepted by an F-16 fighter jet and escorted out of the TFR “without incident,” according to a NORAD statement.

The plane, owned by the US Military Academy at West Point, was flown by an army training pilot, West Point said in a statement. The instructor pilot was running a cadet flight lab in support of an engineering class when the plane “briefly” violated the TFR near the George Washington Bridge, the statement said.

FlightAware, a website that tracks commercial and other flights, shows the plane flying south along the Hudson River at about 800 feet, 130 miles per hour when it abruptly turns around and flies toward the north at the time of the interception.

“NORAD closely coordinates air defense activities with the FAA and responds as needed,” the statement said. “Temporary violations of the restricted area like this do occur from time to time and are part of normal NORAD operations. “

The temporary flight restriction for VIP travel in New York airspace was in effect from 4:45 pm Monday until 3:45 pm Tuesday. The TFR includes the Hudson River and East River.

The FAA is investigating.

On Tuesday morning, President Joe President used his first UNGA speech to detail his vision for leading the United States into a new era of diplomacy as he sought to reassure allies – some freshly skeptical – that he passed the “America First” era of foreign police.
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