Small plane crashes directly into a house in Monterey

A twin-engine Cessna burst into a house near the Monterey airport on Tuesday morning. The pilot’s status remains unknown while the house is empty.

With the news that the plane crashed into a house about 5 miles southeast of Monterey late Tuesday morning, I’m sure you will feel very safe sitting in your house today. Monterey County Regional Fire District Report A small plane took off from the Monterey Regional Airport this morning, but crashed directly into a house in the Montella Ranch neighborhood near Highway 68 at 10:45 am.

Local TV channel KSBW Report The aircraft was a “small twin-engine Golden Eagle Cessna aircraft”. KPIX He added that the resulting fire spread to another house and then started a forest fire which was extinguished.

SF door review FlightAware aircraft tracking data “The flight that took off from Monterey Regional Airport just before 10:40 am was in the air a few minutes before the runway was cut.” In the KSBW video above, you can hear the air traffic controller discussing the dangerous low altitude of the aircraft and the crash itself in a much softer tone than can be maintained in this situation.

For each different local station, KIONAccording to the Monterey County Sheriff’s Office, only pilots are on board and their condition is still unknown. This station too Host a live press conference Because the Monterey County Regional Fire Department provides live updates.

A great peace of mind is that There was no one in the house At the time of the collision. Monterey County Weekly followed owners Roger and Julie Goural. “I don’t know anything yet. We weren’t at home, ”Roger Graal told the newspaper. “My daughter was staying there, but luckily she wasn’t home when it happened.

This is a developing story and will be updated with significant changes.

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Image: Monterey County Regional Fire Protection District Via Twitter

Small plane crashes directly into a house in Monterey Small plane crashes directly into a house in Monterey

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