Satcom Direct becomes Luxaviation’s preferred in-flight connectivity provider

The Luxembourg private jet charter company Luxaviation has chosen Satcom Direct as its preferred in-flight connectivity provider under a new three-year agreement. (Luxaviation)

Luxaviation has entered into a new three-year Preferred In-Flight Connectivity Provider (IFC) agreement with Satcom Direct for its business aircraft owners, crews and passengers.

The fleet of the Luxembourg-based private jet charter company comprises a total of 110 business jets and turboprop planes as well as 24 helicopters in total. Luxaviation Director of Operations Stuart Williamson said International Avionics that decisions about how many of their planes will receive new antennas, modems, and other connectivity upgrades are based on the decision of each aircraft owner they work with.

“Each Luxaviation customer has individual Satcom connectivity needs for their aircraft. In addition, solutions will vary depending on the aircraft and its equipment, ”said Williamson. “In order to provide solutions perfectly suited to each of our aircraft owners that specifically meet their individual needs, the Luxaviation Group must be able to rely on a supplier who will ensure that every detail is properly addressed to meet the requirements of the customer. But it doesn’t end there – after-sales support is just as important to ensure that any technical or customer support requirements are handled flawlessly for our customers, without hassle or delay.

According to Satcom Direct, the three-year agreement includes access to IFC which will support “a plethora of in-flight requirements, including voice, messaging, email and Internet services,” the company said. in a July 13 press release. Inmarsat’s Jet Connex and SwiftBroadband services will provide Wi-Fi access in the cabin and cockpit across the Luxaviation fleet.

Williamson said most Luxaviation pilots use in-flight electronic flight bag applications and will have their data consumption needs taken care of by their new access to Jet Connex and SwiftBroadband.

“Flight tracking and the up-to-date exchange of critical flight information is enhanced by high-speed connectivity. Applications are becoming more “data hungry” than before, hence the need for high speed data transfer. Luxaviation is a global operator, therefore a constant flow of information received in real time not only improves the customer experience, but helps our flight crews, pilots and cabin, to offer better service, to be able to organize or adjust the problems that our customers may have when disembarking. Finally, high speed internet also means better information management and less paper use or more efficient decision making, thus another step towards our goal of sustainability, ”said Williamson.

Satcom Direct has already started working with Luxaviation under the new agreement, which also includes a cybersecurity element. The company provides cybersecurity services from its Florida data center to include threat monitoring, aircraft data encryption, and customer aircraft network configuration based on the individual needs of end users.

Michael Skou Christensen, senior vice president of Satcom Direct International, explained to Avionics how they manage Swiftbroadband and JetConnex IFC on a per-flight basis.

“Once an aircraft is activated with SD, we are on standby 24/7 to provide customer service. Luxaviation customers using services like Swiftbroadband and JetConneX expect continuous availability of the services they pay for and performance to be there when they need it, ”Christensen said. “By working with our partners like Inmarsat, we have developed a wide range of unique and intelligent diagnostic and management tools that interact and integrate with partner networks to enable us to anticipate any issues that may arise from time to time. Often our Network Operations Center, which continuously monitors data usage, metrics and aircraft performance, knows and fixes a problem before we receive reports from customers.

The Satcom Direct agreement comes as Luxaviation and its European and African subsidiaries continue to expand their fleet and their scope of activity in recent months. In April, an Embraer Legacy 650 jet was added to ExecuJet Africa, while a Bombardier Global 7500 joined ExecuJet Europe. German developer of electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft Lilium has a new partnership with Luxaviation, making the private jet company responsible for the flight operations of their 7-seater jet, including obtaining approvals and handling pilots.

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