Ranking of each Leonardo DiCaprio character in a Martin Scorsese movie

Leonardo DiCaprio starred in five films for Martin Scorsese, bringing unforgettable characters (both fictional and real) to life.

In the 1970s when Martin Scorsese made a name for himself with new Hollywood classics like Middle streets and Taxi driver, Robert De Niro has become inextricably attached to the director’s cinema. This iconic actor-director duo have united for such acclaimed gems as Angry bull, Casino, and Irish. But at the turn of the 21st century, Scorsese began working with a prominent new man: Leonardo DiCaprio.

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Scorsese’s latest film, the real black western crime Moon Flower Killers, will be his first directorial effort to play both DiCaprio and De Niro. During his two-decade working relationship with Scorsese, DiCaprio starred in five of his films, bringing unforgettable characters to life (both fictional and realistic).

5 Amsterdam Vallon (Gangs Of New York)

Henry Thomas and Leonardo DiCaprio in Gangs of New York

Released in 2002 with warm reviews and moderate box office success, New York gangs is one of Scorsese’s most ambitious films. The director wanted to visualize how modern America was born with a complicated history involving Irish immigrants, freed slaves, and a Catholic-Protestant feud. DiCaprio plays Amsterdam Vallon, a young gangster seeking revenge on Bill “the Butcher” Cutting for the murder of his father.

This human story and relevant motivation draws audiences in and keeps the film grounded in the broad context of America’s origins history. A young DiCaprio managed to stand up to Daniel Day-Lewis as Bill the Butcher, but he is ultimately overshadowed by Day-Lewis’s typically unforgettable performance.

4 Billy Costigan (The Missing)

Leonardo DiCaprio and Jack Nicholson in The Departed

When Scorsese accepted the Oscar for Best Director for his work on the fast-paced crime thriller The dead, he joked that it was his first movie with a real storyline. Scorsese typically conducts character studies about a personal journey experienced by a morally dubious antihero. In The deadIn the more traditional tale of, DiCaprio plays a true Hollywood hero that audiences can lean on.

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An English remake of the action-packed Hong Kong classic Hellish affairs, The dead stars DiCaprio as an undercover cop infiltrating the Irish mob to determine which of his colleagues has infiltrated the police force on behalf of that mob. At the same time, this same police mole, played by Matt Damon, tries to find out who the undercover cop is. The dead is a cat and mouse thriller in which the cat and the mouse chase each other.


3 Jordan Belfort (The Wolf of Wall Street)

Leonardo DiCaprio is partying at the Wolf of Wall Street.

Of New York gangs To The dead To Shutter island, most of DiCaprio’s featured vehicles in Scorsese’s cannon are dark dramatic pieces. But that tone didn’t suit Jordan Belfort’s story. The stories of orgies and drug use in the memories of Belfort, the wolf of Wall Street, were closer to The hangover than Goodfellas. soprano writer Terence Winter imbued his screenplay with a dark sense of humor, and DiCaprio brought every comedic performance out of the park.

DiCaprio gave one of his funniest performances in the wolf of Wall Street, charms audiences so much that the film is accused of glorifying Belfort’s criminal way of life. But the excess is so excessive that it must be considered satirical. DiCaprio plays Belfort as the modern-day Caligula – the ruler of a corrupt empire addicted to sex, drugs and wealth.

2 Teddy Daniels / Andrew Laeddis (Shutter Island)

Leonardo DiCaprio in Shutter Island

With its 90s remake of Cap Fear, Shutter island is one of Scorsese’s only horror films. The opening scenes of Shutter island, adapted from the novel of the same name by Dennis Lehane, presents DiCaprio as an American Marshal who has been sent to a mental institution on a remote island to investigate the disappearance of a patient. But seen from the offset, it’s clear nothing is what it seems.

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Scorsese doesn’t just guess the audience; he lets guess the character of DiCaprio. The whole movie relies on DiCaprio’s performance as he walks in and out of reality and learns all the shocking twists and turns along with the viewer. He’s the best type of protagonist for a psychological thriller. As DiCaprio slowly pulls back the layers of his deeply disturbed character, audiences get a haunting glimpse into his troubled psychology.

1 Howard Hughes (The Aviator)

DiCaprio and Plane in The Aviator

Scorsese beat a few other directors to the punch with a Howard Hughes biopic. Hughes is one of the most fascinating and eccentric figures in American history, and this complicated mogul needed the combined efforts of a master filmmaker and an incredible actor to do him justice as a film character.

DiCaprio’s erratic performance in The aviator does just that. He shares impeccable chemistry with his co-stars, such as Cate Blanchett as Katharine Hepburn and John C. Reilly as Noah Dietrich, and commands the screen as a solo when Hughes quits the company and spends long periods of time. film sequences alone. It’s not easy to bring a sullen undertone to a guy who pees in bottles of milk.

In The aviator, DiCaprio painted a rounded and in-depth portrait of Hughes. Her performance doesn’t just focus on the sensational aspects like her uncut fingernails; it shows all sides of this historic icon. DiCaprio would have been a shoo-in for best actor for The aviator if he hadn’t come out that same year, Jamie Foxx was playing Ray Charles.

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