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University of Idaho Guarantees Alaska Airlines 10% Profit

Alaska Airlines announced Thursday that non-stop flights between the Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport and Boise Airport would begin Aug. 17 for the first time in about a decade.

New year-round route between Pullman-Moscow and Boise provides crucial connection to University of Idaho and WSU, according to Alaska Airlines Press release.

UI and Alaska Airlines have entered into a three-year agreement, said Jodi Walker, senior director of communications for UI.

UI guarantees Alaska Airlines a 10% profit on new flight availability. If the airline is unable to make the 10% profit, the UI will make up the difference up to $ 500,000, Walker said.

The UI will use the university’s general expenses to make up any difference in profits for Alaska Airlines, but the difference is unlikely to be large or even zero, she said.

“We are a statewide institution, a land grant [institution]. We’re on a mission to work statewide, so having easy access to these areas is a huge benefit to the university and to those who work here, ”Walker said.

Pullman-Moscow regional airport board discussed adding nonstop flight to Boise for several years, UI says Press release.

Non-stop flights from Pullman-Moscow to Boise stopped about a decade ago. Flights have been rerouted through Seattle since 2018, when Lewiston-Nez Perce County Regional Airport also canceled flights to Boise, according to the UI release.

This new flight path makes it easier for students, families, alumni and researchers to get to campus, Walker said.

“Not only does the University of Idaho have business in Boise,” Walker said, “but the whole region has business in Boise; it’s the capital. That’s where we build our government relationships.

The drive from Pullman to Boise takes approximately five hours. Nonstop flights make traveling to Boise much faster, said Cherri Gentry, administrative assistant at the Pullman-Moscow regional airport.

“What this means for the community is better connectivity, it [will be] more connections people can get through Boise, ”she said.

In addition to flights between Pullman-Moscow and Boise, Alaska Airlines offers flights between Boise and Chicago, Illinois, Austin, Texas and Phoenix, Arizona. The new flights total 30 daily departures and 14 destinations from Boise Airport, according to the Alaska Airlines statement.

Tickets for flights between Pullman-Moscow and Boise are available for purchase at the Alaska Airlines website.

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