Planes from Germany, Hungary and Italy will begin patrolling the skies of the Baltic States from August 1

As surveillance planes from seven NATO countries staged air-to-ground warfare exercises over Romania, fighter jets from Germany, Hungary and Italy stand ready for aerial patrols over the Baltic region as part of the NATO Air Policing mission on August 1. Monday.

Four Hungarian JAS-39 fighter jets and some eighty personnel will carry out the mission from Šiauliai air base in Lithuania, while four German fighter jets will take off tomorrow from Ämari in Estonia, according to NATO, to patrol in the skies of the Baltic state. They will be joined by Italian Eurofighters based in Malbork, Poland, to conduct sorties over NATO member states Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania as the threat of Russian aggression in the countries neighbors looms after the invasion of Ukraine.

In line with NATO’s air policing mission, member states’ fighter jets will take to the skies when aircraft near Allied airspace “fail to follow correct piloting procedures”. This may include filing a flight plan and communicating with air traffic control.

“NATO Air Policing is a clear example of Alliance solidarity in action,” NATO spokeswoman Oana Lungescu said in a statement. “At a time when European security has been fundamentally altered by Russia’s war against Ukraine, NATO fighter jets remain ready around the clock to protect Allied airspace. We are always vigilant,” she added.

New air force contingents to replace Belgian, French and Spanish units

The NATO nation’s new air force contingents will replace Belgian, French and Spanish units that have been patrolling the region since April, a month after troops from Moscow launched an assault, jeopardizing European and transatlantic regional security. Czech combat aircraft based at Šiauliai station will continue their deployment throughout the summer, NATO said. “Allies have taken turns guarding the skies over Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania since joining NATO in 2004 because the three countries do not have their own fighter jets. “, further indicated the Western Military Alliance.

“Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, NATO has further reinforced air patrols in the eastern part of the Alliance, with additional aircraft,” according to NATO.

Elsewhere, Romanian F-16s, French Rafales and German Tornado jets as well as US EA-18 fighter jets have also been launched from the aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman in the Mediterranean. In response to Russia’s war in Ukraine, NATO has in recent months significantly increased its military presence on Europe’s eastern flank and in the Baltic region, with more troops, a maritime presence and aircraft. on patrol.

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