Pima Sheriff’s Department unveils new plane

TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) – The Pima County Sheriff’s Department introduces the first of two new planes. The new planes in the air should help MPs work better on the ground.

The Sheriff’s Department has posted the first of two Cessna trailers that will fly for the Pima County Sheriff’s Department. They are bigger than the planes they replace. They can fly longer without refueling, and they should spend a lot less time on repairs than older planes.

The planes are equipped with the latest instruments and navigation systems, and carry a sophisticated camera capable of seeing the heat of people and things. This allows the aircrew to see in the dark. Pilot Chris Janes says it makes it safer for MPs on the court.

“So there are threats that we can identify guys on the pitch, it makes their jobs a lot easier, a lot safer. If there’s a crime going on, we’re there. Vehicle chases, if they’re chasing a vehicle, and we’re at the station, the guys on the ground can back up, and that has a safety aspect to the community as well.

Two of the planes cost around $ 7.5 million in total.

As the aviation unit eagerly awaits newer, more capable aircraft, it remembers its beginnings.

Keith Shoemaker donated the badge his father Harold wore in the 1950s when he volunteered and used his own plane to conduct search and rescue and other missions for the Sheriff’s Department.

“And they wanted to do something to help anything and if they knew anyone in the department, I don’t know. I never understood this story. They wanted to fly, do whatever they could, and it seemed like a good idea. Transformed into what he is here today.

From now on, the new aircraft will take this tradition to greater heights.



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