Pilot’s license suspended for one year for forced landing: The Tribune India

Bhopal, August 27

Aviation safety regulator DGCA suspended the flight license of a senior Madhya Pradesh government pilot for a period of one year for the crash landing of a plane at Gwalior airport in May of this year.

The plane was carrying Remdesivir, an antiviral drug, from Gujarat to Gwalior via Indore on the state plane when it crashed around 9 p.m. on May 6 at Gwalior airport, which has a base of the ‘Air Force.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGAC), which investigated the incident, suspended the flight license of the pilot of the aircraft, Captain Sayyed Majid Akhtar (56) for one year, according to a report. letter published last week.

The incident caused significant damage to the front of the cockpit, propeller blades, propeller hub and wheels of the newly purchased aircraft. The aircraft skidded and rolled over to one side. Akhtar, his co-pilot Shiv Jaiswal and another officer were injured in the incident.

According to the suspension letter, Akhtar “flew the plane very low and did not see the stop barrier” before the runway. Furthermore, “the aircraft’s approach profile was not suitable for landing in the touchdown zone and resulted in hitting the stop barrier”.

The DGCA had issued a notice of justification to Akhtar on July 1, but the explanation he had given was not “satisfactory”, the letter said.

The accident had occurred due to a manual error and the DGCA noted that its actions not only compromised the safety of the aircraft, but were also in violation of the rules of the aircraft.

The Madhya Pradesh government bought the plane, a seven-seat Beechcraft King Air B-200GT VT MPQ, from US company “Textron Aviation” for more than Rs 65 crore last year alone, department sources said. state aviation.

After the crash, the plane was scrapped. It has been held at Gwalior Air Base for over three months now, allegedly due to lack of maintenance and repair as it was uninsured at the time of the incident, they added. – PTI

Aircraft belonging to MP Govt damaged

  • The DGCA suspended the pilot’s flight license for crashing down a government-owned MP plane in May
  • The plane was bringing supplies of Remdesivir from Gujarat to Gwalior
  • The incident caused significant damage to the aircraft
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