Pilot ‘pulls’ eye-catching flight model into Cornwall skies

Pilots on a flight to Cornwall appear to have gotten creative with their flight path this morning when they “drew a penis” in the sky.

Flight FR2954, from Alicante to Newquay today (June 30) created a shape that seemed rather phallic as the plane flew over the county on arrival before landing at Cornwall Newquay Airport at just 8:36 a.m. one minute after its intended landing.

The image is visible on FlightRadar24, a website that tracks commercial flights around the world, and was spotted by an eagle-eyed Cornwall resident.

It is not known whether the “design” was intentional or not, but this is not the first time that a pilot has presented an obscene image in the sky.

FlightRadar24 shared a snapshot of a similar flight path on social media in March 2020 accompanied by a crying laughing emoji.

He wrote : “# LH350 landed on the second landing attempt. “

In November of last year, it was also reported by The independent that two pilots were under investigation after using their flight path to “draw” a penis in the sky over Russia.

A pilot also plotted a route depicting the iconic video game character Pac-Man and a ghost over Lincolnshire, and a German pilot “drew” a syringe in the sky to mark the deployment of the Covid-vaccine. 19 in his country in December.

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