Passengers trapped in JetBlue planes on JFK airport tarmac

  • Dozens of JetBlue passengers on at least a dozen planes were stranded on the tarmac at JFK airport on Sunday.
  • Furious passengers have taken to social media to document their hours of being trapped on grounded flights.
  • Some described being stuck on their planes for 13 hours, with “no clarity” given by airline staff.

Passengers traveling to John F. Kennedy International Airport on JetBlue planes found themselves stranded on the airport tarmac on Sunday, waiting for hours before being allowed to disembark.

Signs of unrest began to emerge earlier in the evening, with flight path maps showing at least a dozen JetBlue planes stranded on the JFK tarmac.

A screenshot of the flight path map at JFK airport and a photo of an airplane wing

A screenshot of a FlightRadar flight path map showed at least a dozen JetBlue planes on the ground at JFK airport. Meanwhile, passenger Levi Butcher told Insider he saw several planes line up next to the plane he was trapped in as they waited their turn to disembark at JFK.

FlightRadar; Butcher Levi

Insider spoke to several passengers stuck on the planes who described being stuck on the plane for hours.

Musician Hannah Eggenwho said she was trapped on her plane for 13 hours, told Insider she was given several reasons why her flight was not moving and not allowing passengers to disembark.

“They delayed the flights several times for different reasons, then told us it was canceled with no explanation or compensation. And then they just kicked us out of the terminal. There are families and elderly people here who don’t know not what to do,” Eggen said.

Eggen said airline staff gave him five different explanations for what was happening, including bad weather and the fact that the runways were slippery.

She added that when she was finally allowed to disembark, there was still “no clarity” and “no help” from airline staff.

Meanwhile, Levi Butcher, a passenger on flight B6 524 from Los Angeles to New York, told Insider he was stuck on the plane for just over an hour and a half.

“We landed around 9:20 p.m. and taxied for about 15 minutes, then pulled over. The pilot said there were no gates available, it might take 45 to 60 minutes,” Butcher said.

Butcher added that while waiting on the tarmac, he saw at least three other JetBlue planes lined up near the plane he was in. In the meantime, passengers on Butcher’s flight were told there was no jetway operator available and that they would have to wait for one to be released before arriving to disembark.

“The only explanation was that they didn’t have enough gates. The pilot remarked on the AP that they should have held us at LAX with the idea that a gate would be available upon arrival,” Butcher told Insider. “We sat in the traffic lane waiting for a gate for over an hour before heading for the gate, where we were again blocked.”

Fox 5 NYC morning anchor Bianca Peters was also trapped at JFK. posted a video to Twitter of herself inside the plane. In one separate tweetPeters mentioned that a passenger on his flight “had an obvious problem

panic attack

“after more than three hours stuck on the plane.

“I just got an update from the captain that they’re ‘shorthanded’.. will probably be held up on this tarmac for about 3 hours. Can a girl get a refund?! Or at least some cheese and crackers”, Peters tweeted.

Other passengers at JFK appeared to have been trapped for varying lengths of time. A passenger, Laura Mardkha, tweeted that he had been stuck on the tarmac for two and a half hours with “lots of kids screaming” and “no timeline” on when they could get off. Other Twitter users also posted information about their flights diverted to land in Newarkinstead of JFK.

When reached for comment, JetBlue representatives told Insider that heavy snowfall in the northeast has slowed their operations at JFK.

“After this weekend’s heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures in the Northeast, we are focused on safely resuming our flight schedule. We have made good progress in ramping up operations in Boston, LaGuardia and Newark,” the JetBlue rep said.

“At JFK, we began operations on Saturday as planned, but we had to deal with a number of conditions that slowed the operation,” the JetBlue representative said, adding that the company normally takes a few days to recover. fully recover when a storm of this size has a significant impact. its two largest markets, New York and Boston.

“We have combined some flights today to ease these constraints and are working to rebook customers,” the rep said. “We apologize to our customers for the inconvenience and are working to get them up and running as quickly as possible.”

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