Passengers on British Airways flight panic as water squirts from ceiling

Frenzied passengers aboard a British Airways flight from London to Washington, DC, may have wondered if they should grab their life jackets – after water poured into the cabin of the giant plane from the ceiling.

The chaotic scene aboard flight BA292, a double-decker Airbus A380 flying at 30,000ft, on Friday was captured on video posted by the sun.

“Not f—- way!” exclaims a flight attendant as the waterfall floods the cabin shortly before the flight lands in DC.

Drenched crew members placed mats on the floor in a desperate effort to prevent water from spreading throughout the rest of the cabin and possibly damaging electrical components.

Passengers in the affected area left their seats and walked to the dry areas of the aircraft.

The airline said a faulty valve in the drinking water supply was to blame.

“This was not a flight for nervous pilots. A mid-air stunt is not a regular feature of BA. It looked more like British Waterways than British Airways,” an airline employee told The Sun, adding that “the crew thanked the leak which occurred towards the end of the transatlantic crossing.”

The worker added: “There were a few people saying their Hail Marys, but the staff were professional throughout.”

The airline said the flooding was the result of a faulty valve in the drinking water supply on board the superjumbo jet, which can accommodate 500 people.

“While there were no security concerns at any time, the area was quickly sealed off and the flight continued as planned,” the rep told The Sun.

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