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CHILLICOTHE – Two home runs late in the game could not prevent the Chillicothe Paints who won Tuesday night against the Lafayette Aviators at VA Memorial Stadium with the final score of 7-6.

The Paints wasted no time giving people what they paid for to see Tuesday night score the first run of the contest late in the first. Before entering the batter’s box, the Paints’ defense awarded a hit with an Aviator left on base.

No on the offensive approach, Paints No. 16 Jimmy Allen won game one of the inning after hitting a flying ball towards right field. Number 31 Jake Silverstein then recorded a brace by placing himself in scoring position.

As an attempt to bat by fellow Paint No. 11 Trey Smith, Silverstein took advantage of a wild pitch from the No. 22 Aviators Chase Stratton, totaling one earned run for the Paints.

The Paints continued their attacking approach after no runs were scored by the visitors early in the second set. Now at the end of the second, number 10 Nathan Rose recorded a triple with one out already in the inning.

Now in high scoring territory, No.40 Isaac Blair entered the batter’s box, advancing through the choice of a fielder at first base while Rose scored another earned run for the Paints.

Paints’ number 32 Jackson Feltner then went to second on a 2-0 count, putting Blair on third. Allen was led to the first charging the bases for Silverstein to come to bat. However, he struck out number two in the set.

Stratton walked another Paint, this time Smith, pushing Blair for the earned run and second in the heat. It was shortly after the Paints scored, the Aviators got number three in the inning thanks to a ball in the middle of the field by Paints number 2 Kent Reeser, leaving three of his teammates on base.

The Aviators struggled to score points on the board, at least in the first three innings. Now with three goals in the top of the fourth, Aviators number 23 Miguel Rivera was beaten by Paints’ Jake Norris 36, giving the visitors their first undeserved run of the game. The visitors got another undeserved score, reducing the lead to just one point – Paints leads 3-2.

The bottom of the fourth proved to be a quick offensive attempt for the Paints as the Aviators caught three hasty strikeouts.

Now leading the fifth, the Aviators took the lead after a single from No.19 Carlos Contreras allowed two of his teammates to register two unearned runs – the Aviators have now led the Paints 4-3.

However, the Paints remained vigilant on the attacking side in the bottom of the fifth. After Smith recorded a brace, Reeser came to plate. In the middle of his batting, Smith took advantage of a wild pitch as he stole third base. Reeser connected on a pitch but was pulled out, but not before Smith came in for the tying score – Paints tied the game at 4-4.

In the sixth and seventh innings, the Paints took the lead now at 7-4 before the start of the eighth inning. With two outs already, the Aviators ‘Rivera hit a home run with no other teammate on base, reducing the Paints’ lead to two points.

At the start of the ninth inning, the Aviators had one last chance to equalize or take the lead. The atmosphere turned appealing after Aviators No.18 Tanner Craig hit another homerun with just one out in the final set so far.

However, the Paints won the last two strikeouts of the game, solidifying them as the winners with the final score of 7-6 against the visiting Aviators.

Norris won on the mound for the Paints, who pitched for four innings Tuesday, allowing three runs on six hits while striking out four and walking one. Paints No.18 Ruben Ramirez won the stoppage of the day with him and other pitching staff (No.41 Drew Armbrustmacher and No.9 Drew Wilson) combining 11 strikeouts and two goals on bullets.

Stratton lost on the hill to the Aviators, who pitched for five innings, allowing four runs on five hits, striking out five and walking two Paints.

Wednesday afternoon, before the Paints’ game against the Johnstown Mill Rats (6-16), the Paints are 10-12 and are third in the Ohio River Valley division of the Prospect League.

On Thursday at 7:05 p.m., the Paints face the Mill Rats at Sargent’s Stadium in Johnstown, Pa.

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