Oliver Hudson bids bittersweet goodbye as son faces major transition

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by Olivier Hudson son, Wilder Brooks, has big changes coming, and her parents seriously can’t believe it.

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The actor revealed to fans that his eldest officially graduated from eighth gradeand heads for high school.

He shared a glimpse of the bittersweet graduation weekend as the family bid farewell to Wilder’s college.

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A photo he shared shows his wife, Erinn Bartlett, posing alongside his 14-year-old daughter, donning a puffy white dress with voluminous sleeves and black aviator sunglasses, like her son looks as dapper as she looks chicsporting a white button and shaggy blonde hair.

As appropriate as he may have looked at his eighth grade graduation, Erinn couldn’t resist taking note of mom’s typical urge to fix your kids’ lookjokingly, “Anyone else miss the days when you could dress up and cut your teen’s hair?”

The mum-of-three continued to reminisce about her son in her Instagram Stories, expressing how it all turns out in the blink of an eye.

The sweet mom-son cliché

She shared an incredibly cute ‘how it started’ photo that showed her kissing her son on the cheek during kindergarten graduation, and another featuring Wilder with one of his close friends, and she once again joked, “Back when they would smile for the camera.”

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Oliver posted again another photo of the family with the three childrenwhich not only showed off the parents’ matching looks as they accessorized with matching straw hats, but also how much their youngest, Bodhi, takes after his mother, as the two shielded themselves from the sun in a similar gesture.

The sincere family portrait

Erinn captioned the sweet family portrait with: “I can’t believe we’re having a freshman in high school!!”

Fans congratulated the famous parents and their son on his accomplishments, writing, “Amazing” and, “It’s happening so fast!!” as well as: “It’s crazy, isn’t it? You’re all gorgeous!!”

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