NY 5G test network for unmanned aircraft

ALBANY, NY (WUTR / WFXV / WPNY / NEWS10) – On September 28, Governor Kathy Hochul announced that MITER Engenuity, an Open Generation 5G consortium, planned to install a 5G unmanned aircraft to test network systems in the Syracuse-Rome corridor, managed by New York Nuair-based non-profit organization.

The organization provides expertise in unmanned aircraft systems and is a member of Open Generation. The corridor will include an experimentation center with more than 100 square miles dedicated to 5G testing beyond the visual site line and long-range flight paths.

Through this collaboration, the 5G aviation range will add long-range 5G flight paths that bypass various topographies varying in aeronautical considerations, ranging from water and wilderness to more people, and near airports. to test a variety of use cases, aligning with the UAS BVLOS ARC Charter of the FAA Advisory and Regulatory Committee.

Nuair CEO Ken Stewarts explains that they are currently testing it to make sure it has the right kind of coverage.

Azimuth is the angle between the north vector and the star vector on the horizontal reference plane, which Stewart estimates as a rigorous and elevated visual line of sight of flying a drone beyond the visual line of sight will make 5G network systems available.

“Part of the challenge today is that the radios point down because we all walk the earth and carry our phones in our hands, says Stewarts, the use of drones is flying in the sky so you have to change what they call the azimuth of the radio so that it has wider coverage for UAS

Stewart is working with the FAA, on this regulatory committee.

This will be the nation’s first 5G unmanned aircraft systems test line, and in a statement by Governor Hochul, it will further position central New York and the Mohawk Valley region as a world leader. in the market of this advanced technology.

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