NTSB report details Miami jet landing gear collapse

Pilots of a Red Air jet felt increasing vibrations on the left side of the plane before its left landing gear collapsed last month, knocking it off a runway at the airport Miami International, the National Transportation Safety Board announced Wednesday.

The council released a preliminary report that provided new details about the June 21 incident but did not draw conclusions about the cause.

NTSB investigators interviewed the aircraft’s pilot and first officer, who said the landing was initially smooth, with the right landing gear touching the runway first. But the left landing gear collapsed after touching down on the runway, flipping the McDonnell Douglas MD-82 jet to the left and off the runway.

The plane, built in 1990, crashed into a steel and concrete equipment shelter, rupturing its fuel tanks, according to the NTSB report. The rest of the landing gear collapsed and one of the plane’s wings caught fire, investigators said.

An NTSB drone image shows the jet hit two days later, a partially collapsed wing and a trail of debris from the equipment shelter behind it. Tire tracks are visible on the track.

Red Air is based in the Dominican Republic. The plane was flying from Santo Domingo, the national capital.

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