NTSB recovers flight recorders and wreckage of TransAir cargo plane from ocean floor

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – Three months after a TransAir cargo plane crashed off the coast of Kalaeloa, a rescue team recovered both the aircraft’s flight recorders and most of the wreckage.

Two pilots on board abandoned the plane in the water shortly after takeoff from Honolulu Airport after both engines failed.

Off the leeward coast of Oahu, rescue teams spent several days last month recovering the mutilated pieces of cargo flight TransAir 810. Each section was carefully hoisted from the ocean floor to over 350 feet from the surface.

The wreckage was then transported to an onshore warehouse.

“It’s high tech stuff. But you know what? This is really what makes aviation so safe, ”said aviation expert Peter Forman. “They really get into the nuts and bolts and find out what has happened in cases like this.”

Forman said the recovered flight recorders would play a critical role in the investigation.

Officials from the National Transportation Safety Board said the parts had been shipped to a lab in Washington, where they would be cleaned, dried, uploaded and analyzed.

“The cockpit voice recorder tells you what the conversations were between the pilots and it adds a lot of context to what happened,” Forman said.

“The flight recorder records a lot of parameters, but I think they’re more interested in what happened to the engine. When did the second engine start to stop? “

NTSB officials confirm that the aircraft’s engines will be inspected in California.

Forman says the black box findings coupled with the condition of the engines should help investigators pinpoint the cause of the crash.

“They can compare what they have in theory, what they think the data is showing them and they can possibly look at the engines themselves and see if the condition of the engine supports that theory,” Forman said.

Because the crash is still under investigation, officials at TransAir declined to comment for this story.

The company was unable to fly due to problems the Federal Aviation Administration found with its maintenance manual system. The company says it is working with the FAA to resolve the issue. A spokesperson added that the problem was unrelated to the crash.

The two pilots aboard the plane when it crashed on July 2 were seriously injured but both men survived.

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