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Residence AK Fire Info Aerial Firefighting Training Simulation Today Over Wishbone Hill above Sutton: Notice to General Aviation Aircraft

General aviation aircraft and the public can observe up to five firefighting aircraft practicing simultaneously over Wishbone Hill above the Jonesville/Sutton mine between 11:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. today. There will be no forest fires on the landscape during the training. The pilots will practice what you see in the photos that were taken during a first attack last year in the Yukon by DOF Air Attack Officer Tim Whitesell. A rotary-wing aircraft plans to land with firefighters and deploy a bucket from the Jonesville airstrip around noon. Planes will depart and return from Palmer Base. Information for civilian pilots should be available to aviators on the Palmer ATIS frequency. General aviation aircraft should be aware and prepared to avoid the Wishbone Hill area (on the VFR cutaway map) to avoid fire aircraft traffic. These drills give pilots, firefighters and support personnel the chance to practice for the initial attack as if there were a wildfire in the landscape.

The State of Alaska has reached a “splash and dash” cross-border agreement with Canada
provide aerial assistance for forest fire suppression, if resources are available.
Last year, the Palmer-based Air Tanker 540 and lead aircraft ASM A4 made the hour-long flight to Dawson and dropped three loads of retardant around the Bell Creek Fire which was burning at around 12 miles southwest of Dawson. The tanker and lead aircraft crossed the border to the Tanacross tanker base to reload and refuel after the first drop and the tanker made two more drops to help Yukoners buy more time to put ground forces in place. ASM A4 also acted as a lead aircraft for a Yukon Electra P3 tanker that was performing fire drops. Each aircraft has a specialized target and with the risk of a catastrophic accident always possible, training and coordination are crucial.

As a reminder, burning permits are required from April 1 to August 31. You can purchase a burn permit online at or pick them up at your local forestry office and many local fire departments. .

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‹ State Forestry to Conduct Prescribed Burns at Creamer’s Field

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