No, NATO planes did not destroy Russian planes

“The war begins,” read an April 27 Facebook post featuring a video with a purse featuring images of various planes in flight.

Of course, the war is well under way following the Russian invasion of Ukraine. But this message suggests that the conflict has turned into a world war.

“NATO F-35, F-16 and MiG-29 intercept and destroy Russian aircraft in Polish airspace,”

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That’s because that claim “is false,” said Dawn Murty, a spokeswoman for NATO’s Allied Air Command.

“Allied Air Command can confirm that there was no incursion by Russian aircraft into Allied airspace,” Murty said.

We couldn’t find any credible news reports or sources to back up the claim in the Facebook video.

NATO regularly posts updates on its website when its jets intercept other planes.


In December 2020, for example, NATO announced that its air forces across Europe had rushed more than 400 times that year to intercept unknown aircraft approaching Alliance airspace. . Most of these missions – almost 90% of them – were in response to flights by Russian military aircraft.

He recently announced that he intercepted (but did not destroy) two groups of Russian military aircraft on February 3. This happened over the Barents Sea and off Scotland; the planes did not enter Allied airspace, NATO said at the time.

We rate this post False.

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