Mother gives birth in mid-flight and delivers baby on plane

ATLANTA (WGCL) – A Delta Airlines flight had an additional passenger on board in Atlanta after a woman gave birth mid-flight and delivered her baby on the plane after landing.

At only 9 days old, little Analia Acevedo Castaneda came into the world with a wing and a prayer.

“The actual due date was December 23, but she came out early,” said her mother, Liliana Castaneda Avilia.

Castaneda Avilia has a story that few others can tell.

Her daughter’s birthday is now documented in photos taken from the back of a Delta plane.

She started having contractions on her flight from Guadalajara, Mexico to Atlanta.

Fortunately, there was a nurse on board.

“He was like, ‘Yeah, the little girl is coming. It’s on its way, ”Castaneda Avilia said. “And he said to me, ‘Don’t try to push, because if you push harder the baby will come out,’ so I held these contractions for about three hours and 30 minutes along the way.”

Back on the ground, Juanetta Nash and other Atlanta firefighters were getting ready at the plane’s door.

“The plane was coming extremely fast, faster than normal, so we knew it was an emergency, we knew people were nervous,” Nash said.

One of those people was the baby’s father, who said he was worried and nervous for the mother and daughter.

“We knew what we were doing, we wanted her to feel as comfortable as possible,” Nash said. “Just by putting ourselves in her shoes, we knew she was already very uncomfortable.”

Soon it was time for Analia to make an appearance.

“And they were like ‘OK, are you ready to push?’ I’m like ‘Yeah, I’m ready to push.’ So I just pushed once and the little girl came out crying, ”Castaneda Avilia said.

After Analia was delivered, Nash said that a flight attendant took the microphone and said “Hey, we have a baby girl!” Everyone on the flight started to cheer.

It was a special birthday for little Analia for which her parents are grateful.

“Thanks to the people who were on the plane, like the EMS, the fire brigade, everyone who helped us,” Castaneda Avilia said.

The mother and the baby are well.

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