Microsoft Flight Simulator F-35, F-104, Prague Airports and Nanki Shirahama Get screenshots and videos; Piper Tomahawk announced


Third-party developers continue to provide more and more assets and versions of new add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Third-party developers continue to provide more and more assets and versions of new add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

First of all, IndiaFoxtEcho has provided a full update with new screenshots of its F-35 Lightning II.

Have fun with the Bee variant while testing the Primary Control Display (PCD), which is finally almost complete.

The PCD is the main interface of the F-35 and the pilot can access a variety of functions through its four independent “portals”. Each portal can have two “sub-portals” which can be quickly swapped with the currently selected “page”. In addition, in real life, each portal can be maximized to occupy half of the PCD instead of a quarter (at the moment this is not simulated because in reality it is mainly used for mission systems and we thought it was memory loss).

Many portal “pages” are assigned to mission systems (sensors and weapon functionality) and will therefore be INOP in MSFS – although in many cases they will retain their actual appearance. Speaking of how the portals look, we’ve gone through all the videos showing the cockpit interfaces and completely redesigned the graphics from the old P3D version, so the look is now much closer to the real thing.

In detail, here are the functions that are operational:

  • AP -> AUTOPILOT (pop up): fully functional, data entry via virtual keyboard
  • CHKLST -> CHECKLIST mode: real world checklists are categorized, we have adapted this page to suit MSFS rendering
  • CNI -> COMMUNICATION, NAVIGATION & IDENTIFICATION -> COM A, COM B, VOR, VORTAC, IFF and implemented audio control functionalities. Data can be entered via a virtual keyboard.
  • DTM page -> DATA MANAGEMENT: the basic functionality will allow the pilot to review the GPS data and waypoints. In reality, this page is also used to store, send and receive images, videos, mission data, etc.
  • ENG -> ENGINE PAGE: fully functional
  • FCS -> FLIGHT CONTROL SYSTEM: fully functional – for accessibility / play reasons some STOVL functions are controlled in this page even if IRL they are assigned to HOTAS control.
  • FUEL -> HUD fully functional -> partial implementation, not all symbology implemented ICAWS -> page BUILT-IN WARNING AND WARNING SYSTEM: partial implementation, the system only supports a subset of messages real world warning and warning
  • PHM -> PROGNOSIS and HEALTH MANAGEMENT page: basic implementation: will only report the availability and functionality of the systems
  • SMS -> STORE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM – minimal functionality: it will only be possible to control the arms doors
  • TSD -> TACTICAL SITUATION DISPLAY – partial implementation: the page will only display the current waypoint, the estimated VOR and VORTAC positions. Also, to save memory, for the moment only one TSD screen is available (in reality there are 3 separate pages).

The following functions will be displayed but will be INOP:

  • ASR – Air-to-surface radar
  • DAS – Distributed opening system
  • SRCH – Search mode
  • TFLIR – Prospective infrared targeting
  • WPN-A – Air-to-air weapons
  • WPN-S – Air to ground weapons

Then is Sim skunk works, showing the ability of its upcoming TF-104G Starfighter to engage a dropout cable coxswain.

Speaking of new aircraft, Just Flight Just announced the Piper PA-38 Tomahawk. No further details were provided, but we get the first screenshots.

Moving on to the airports, we take another look at the cargo area of ​​Václav Havel Airport in Prague (LKPR) in the Czech Republic from Tailstrike designs.

Door15Landscape provided some images of the Nanki-Shirahama Airport (RJBD) terminal in Japan.

Finally, Aerosoft launched the Moosburg auf der Kippe airport (EDPI) in Germany developed by ClearPropStudios.

You can find it in the publisher’s own shop for € 6.10 incl.

  • Every building at the airport has been modeled after the original down to the smallest detail
  • Close collaboration with the airport operator on site to create a realistic atmosphere
  • Sophisticated night lighting
  • POI St. Kastulus, Asch Castle, Isar Bridge and Zolling Power Station included
  • Includes parking lots, traffic lights, road signs and rest areas

Recently, we posted our massive interview with Microsoft Flight Simulator Chief Jorg Neumann, focusing on the Xbox version and the short and long term plans for the simulation (on both platforms).

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If you want to know more about the game itself, you can read our review which will tell you everything you need to know about the game from Asobo Studio.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is already available for Windows 10 and Steam, and Xbox Series X | S.

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