Man says kicked off flight for bringing needed medical device

  • A man from Tennessee says he was kicked off a plane for taking his dialysis machine on a flight.

  • The man and his wife were on their way home to Knoxville when the pilot “kicked us off in front of everyone.”

  • The man received an apology from the airline and eventually returned home.

Tennessee man says he was taken off a regional flight operated by SkyWest for carrying a dialysis machine, WBIR reported.

Adron Mccarter says he was flying from Denver, Colo. To Knoxville, Tennessee, when a pilot learned that Mccarter had a dialysis machine, a device used for kidney disease, and refused to fly the plane, reported WBIR.

Mccarter was flying with his wife home after visiting his newborn granddaughter for the first time in Spokane, Washington.

Ahead of the flights, McCarter told the WBIR that he received the documents needed to bring the machine onto an airplane.

But on his flight home, McCarter said their flight was delayed. Then the pilot “fell on the microphone and said I was trying to bring something to the plane that wasn’t allowed and then kicked us off in front of everyone,” McCarter said. at WBIR.

McCarter told WBIR it will be both his first and last flight after the way he was treated.

“It made me sad. I had a full-blown panic attack and it made me furious at the same time. You can’t treat people that way,” McCarter said. “I have to have treatment now. We had to do two in a row to be able to catch up and it’s hard on your body and hard on your heart. So overall this was one of the three worst. experiences of my life. life. “

McCarter said the airline has apologized, offered his family food and a place to spend the night.

Skywest Airlines did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

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