Major collision between two merchant ships in the Gulf of Kutch, no casualties

A major collision occurred between two freighters, the MV Aviator and Atlantic Grace in the Gulf of Kutch in Gujarat on Friday evening, causing a major oil spill in the Arabian Sea. As PRO Defense of Gujarat informed on Saturday, the collision between the two bulk carriers took place late at night off the coast of Gujarat. However, no casualties were reported there.

In the meantime, the situation is being monitored and Indian Coast Guard vessels are on standby for the time being. Likewise, the pollution control vessel in the area has also been put on hold.

While the crew on board are safe, rescue work is underway on the ships. According to an official statement released later, Indian Coast Guard ships and helicopters are also deployed to assess the area which has not reported any oil spills or marine pollution from the two merchant ships.

The Gulf of Kutch is one of the busiest waterways for Indian expeditions

Notably, the Gulf of Kutch being one of the main routes for all commercial oil shipments from India, remains busy most of the time and has witnessed several oil spills in recent years.

An entrance to the Arabian Sea along the west coast of India in Gujarat, the Gulf of Kutch is renowned for its daily tides with the greatest potential for producing tidal power. In 2012, the Vessel Traffic Service was opened in the Gulf of Kutch, a joint initiative of the Kandla Port Trust, the Gujarat Maritime Council and the General Manager of Lighthouses and Lighthouses of India.

Image: Twitter / @ ANI

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