Lauren Sanchez continues her training as a helicopter pilot

Lauren Sanchez like to fly. On Sunday, the Black Ops Aviation founder shared a photo from her helicopter training where she landed a different helicopter for the first time. The photo was of his thumb with a circular indentation from the throttle. “First time landing in another helicopter #training,” she wrote in the photo with “IYKUK.”

© Lauren Sanchez

The print on Sanchez’s finger shows how hard the pilot was holding the throttle to land the new helicopter. According to Southern Utah University, helicopters are tricky and require pilots to be more active on planes. If a plane is stable and there are no strong winds, all a pilot has to do is make a few adjustments here and there and a big plane can fly on its own.

Helicopters, on the other hand, require more vigilance. A helicopter pilot must almost constantly use their hands and feet to control the aircraft and the slightest movement of the controls has big repercussions, so pilots are constantly making small adjustments. According to American medicine, helicopter pilots have an increased risk of carpal tunnel and they are particularly exposed to vibrations.

Sanchez and her billionaire boyfriend Jeff Bezos the two share the same interest in flying. Except Bezos prefers rockets. The couple are doing well and Sanchez is a huge supporter of all of Bezo’s ventures. On Monday, she reposted news from Bezo’s Academy announcing that they were working to open 14 new tuition-free preschools to serve nearly 1,000 students across Florida, Texas and Washington state.

Aside from preschools, the couple have also shown their support for Tom Brady last week amid news that he was retiring. They shared the same post wearing “Brady” jerseys with the caption, “Congratulations @tombrady, we’ll be cheering you on just as hard in your upcoming chapters!”

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