Jim Farley worries about upsetting Ford Explorer EV fans

There’s a fair warning about the upcoming Ford Explorer EV coming straight from the top. Ford CEO Jim Farley warns that mainstream fans might not like the look of the 2024 Ford Explorer EV, which has us obsessed with what’s next.

The 2024 Ford Explorer EV will be different

Ford Explorer 2021 | Allison Barfield, MotorBiscuit

It’s possible that the current Ford Explorer you know and love will undergo some significant changes. We know the Ford Explorer EV is on the way, but now we’re a little worried about its appearance.

The current Ford EV plan focuses on the brand’s most iconic vehicles and commercial options. Jim Farley shared that these new electric vehicles will not be based on existing gasoline models. They will be quite different from their internal combustion engine siblings.

The electric Ford Explorer might be the first model we see with a totally different look. According to Ford Authority, during a speech at Bernstein’s 2022 strategic decision conference, Farley said customers might not like the all-electric vehicles that are in the pipeline.

Farley explained that when it comes to the EV business, you need to diversify your EVs from the traditional ICE style. To achieve cutting-edge engineering, Tesla has shown that you have to approach product creation through a conquest methodology.

You need to overinvest in electrical architecture and embedded systems to shape its look, design, and digital experience. That might be uncomfortable for current Ford Explorer fans.

What to expect with the Explorer EV?

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We’re still waiting to hear more about the Ford Explorer EV, but we know it could be coming soon. Farley first shared that the Explorer EV was in development over a year ago. Then the Lincoln Aviator EV was pushed back from 2023 to 2024.

According to our information, the delay could be due to a change of production plant. The Explorer EV will be built at the Oakville assembly plant in Canada rather than the Cuautitlan plant in Mexico.

The 2024 Explorer EV and Aviator EV will also be produced at the Chicago Assembly Plant, where the ICE-powered models are built. This decision will allow the Mexican plant to increase production of Ford Mustang Mach-E.

In addition, the Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator electric vehicles should be twins. They could share the same platform and powertrain options. However, the Aviator will be quite luxurious compared to the Explorer.

What’s new for the ICE Explorer?

2022 Ford Explorer on the road

Ford Explorer 2022 | Ford

While we wait for the Ford Explorer EV to be released, we can still check out updates for gasoline models. The 2023 Ford Explorer needs a mid-cycle refresh. It could have a revised face and back.

Additionally, the updated Explorer could arrive with new paint shades, new headlights, and unique wheel designs. The interior layout could use some teak to feel modern and fresh. In addition, new technologies may become available.

We wouldn’t mind if the optional 8.0-inch and 10.1-inch displays were updated. Plus, we hope the Explorer gains wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

But we have to wait to find out more. Stay tuned for the latest Ford Explorer updates. Don’t worry if the Explorer EV looks completely different.

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