JetBlue’s first A321neo aircraft with Reimagined Mint® for domestic flights enters regular service

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE) – JetBlue announced today that its first Airbus A321neo (new engine option) with Mint has officially entered regular service with the first revenue flight from New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) to the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), departing shortly after 10:30 am this morning. The plane is expected to operate some flights between New York-JFK and LAX in the coming weeks.

JetBlue’s A321neo with Mint is the first to deliver the airline’s reimagined premium Mint experience, featuring 16 fully-sleeping private suites with a sliding door for each Mint guest, including two new ultra-spacious Mint Studios ™, one custom designed seat cushion from Tuft & Needle®, and countless design touches that help every guest feel at home in the air. The aircraft will also include 144 base seats with the most legroom in the coach (a) and an unparalleled in-flight entertainment and connectivity experience on board.

“The entry into service of the A321neo with Mint marks another exciting milestone for the company this year, and will continue to position JetBlue to be competitive in this key lane,” said Jayne O’Brien, Head of Marketing and loyalty at JetBlue. “From a completely redesigned Mint, to our award-winning base experience, coupled with the superior profitability of the A321neo aircraft, JetBlue is resetting the standard for transcontinental flight and will add even more relevance to our customers in the Mint markets.

Travelers can spot the A321neo with Mint thanks to its unique “Ribbons” fin. The design features three blues from the airline brand’s palette and is the first tailfin inspired by so-called “Op Art” – as in optical art – using simple shapes to create the illusion of three dimensions and of movement. The aircraft – tail N2105J named “NEO Mintality” – is JetBlue’s 16e A321neo and the first of its type to feature Mint.

JetBlue Mint, reimagined

Mint’s first major design review of JetBlue – designed in partnership with Acumen Design Associates – will set a new standard for transcontinental flight.

  • We made every Mint chair a suite: JetBlue’s reimagined mint will provide more privacy with 14 fully-sleeping suites with hallway access. Every inch of space anticipates customer needs, with features such as a Thales AVANT 17-inch tilting seatback screen, wireless charging capabilities, a built-in phone rim for multitasking and in-car power. easy-to-reach seat, as well as a laptop, shoes and purse storage. JetBlue is the first carrier to equip its aircraft with the VantageSOLO seat from Thompson Aero Seating, the company’s revolutionary one-aisle seating solution with a herringbone configuration developed and designed specifically for narrow-body aircraft and customized for JetBlue.
  • Mint Studio is the pinnacle of space and privacy: The all-new Mint Studio – conceptualized by Acumen and developed in partnership with AIM Altitude – is JetBlue’s latest breakthrough innovation, delivering the most space in a premium experience of any US airline (b). Each aircraft will have two Mint studios in the first row, offering ample space to work or relax, and featuring a Thales AVANT 22-inch tilting backrest screen, an additional side table for increased productivity and a guest seat that can accommodate an additional Mint. customer during the flight at cruising altitude. When lying down, guests can kick back and relax on any US carrier’s largest flatbed bed (c).
  • Our exclusive seat design is truly a bed in the sky: JetBlue operated Tuft and needle – the innovative mattress company that pioneered the bed in a box trend – to shape the entire Mint sleep experience on board. Designed for comfort, each Mint seat is covered with Tuft & Needle’s exclusive T&N Adaptive® foam and a breathable cover to create a cool, comfortable sleeping experience unlike anything in the sky. The seat complements additional sleep equipment developed in partnership with the brand, including a convertible blanket with an integrated foot pocket, a memory foam-lined pillow with a pillowcase and a snooze kit with a mask for children. matching eyes and earplugs.

Going forward, JetBlue will feature a 24-seater layout on its Aircraft Airbus A321 Long Range (LR) which will operate flights between New York-JFK and the two London Heathrow and London Gatwick Airports starting later this summer.

Core and much more

JetBlue’s base experience on the A321neo – with the most legroom on the coach – includes the Collins Meridian seat, which has been customized based on customer feedback and features a number of design cues with comfort and convenience in mind.

  • 144 seats with a width of 18.4 inches, the widest available for the A321neo aircraft.

  • Seven rows of Even More Space® seats, all located in the front area of ​​the main experience, based on customer feedback.

  • 10.1 inch, 1080P high definition screen in every seat.

  • Easy-to-reach in-seat power supply with AC and USB ports.

  • Improved cushion comfort and adjustable headrests.

  • Contoured backrest design at the knees creating additional living space.

  • Custom designed seat back storage.

Stay connected at 35,000 feet

JetBlue will build on its reputation as the industry leader in inflight entertainment options with Thales AVANT and ViaSat-2 connectivity. With this system, JetBlue will provide every customer aboard the A321neo with extensive and personalized entertainment choices in nearly all regions served by the airline (d). With JetBlue, all customers have the ability to connect an unlimited number of devices and broadcast, surf or chat throughout the flight, door to door.

  • Over 100 DIRECTV® channels, hundreds of movies, full seasons of binge-worthy TV shows, and custom seat back games.

  • Picture-in-picture function.

  • Improved 3D flight map offering multiple ways to track the time to destination.

  • Pairing capabilities of personal portable devices for use as remote control or game controller.

  • Extensive Fly-Fi® connectivity, providing coverage to almost the entire JetBlue network.

Bold design elements

JetBlue also optimizes the ultra-modern design of the A321neo to create a high customer experience throughout the interior. Every aspect of the aircraft has been meticulously customized to create the perfect environment to provide JetBlue’s award-winning service.

  • Refreshed aboard the Pantry ™ with a mini-fridge and drawers stocked with free snacks.

  • Spacious upper bins for additional carry-on capacity.

  • Custom LED mood lighting designed to provide a more calming in-flight experience with lighting scenarios that change with time of day or phase of flight.

  • Four full-size toilets with subway tile patterns – a nod to JetBlue being New York’s Hometown Airline®.

  • Custom designed front and back wall panel with unique and modern designs.

An impressive aeronautical economy

The A321neo with Mint helps ensure JetBlue meets its cost savings and sustainability commitments for years to come. Thanks to the new engine option from Airbus, the aircraft exhibits a 20% increase in fuel efficiency compared to the previous generation of the aircraft. It also benefits from an increased range of up to 500 nautical miles. JetBlue’s existing A321neo fleet has enabled the airline to enter new, longer non-stop markets that were previously not possible with other types of aircraft.

Optimizing fuel consumption is an important first step in JetBlue’s cost-conscious sustainability strategy, and prioritizing fuel-efficient aircraft and engines aligns with JetBlue’s approach to reducing emissions . In 2020, JetBlue became the first major U.S. airline to achieve carbon neutrality for all domestic flights, and subsequently announced its commitment to reduce net carbon emissions by 2040.

JetBlue continues to navigate the new travel environment with a steady hand and a long-term vision of recovery. The investment in the A321neo with Mint allows the airline to continue to run its low-cost business model and allows JetBlue to continue offering low fares to more customers.

About JetBlue

JetBlue is New York’s Hometown Airline® and a major carrier to Boston, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood, Los Angeles, Orlando and San Juan. JetBlue carries customers in the United States, the Caribbean and Latin America. For more information, visit

(a) JetBlue offers the most coach legroom based on fleet-wide average seat spacing for U.S. airlines.

(b) Based on personal square footage per passenger seat.

(c) Based on the total area of ​​the inclined bed.

(d) Fly-Fi and live television are available on all flights operated by JetBlue. On aircraft equipped with ViaSat-2, Fly-Fi will not be available on certain parts of certain routes, and live television will not be available during flights outside the contiguous United States, or until the aircraft returns to the coverage area. On all other aircraft, Fly-Fi and live TV will not be available during flights outside the contiguous United States, or until the aircraft returns to coverage.

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