Jeopardy final hint stops Michigan professor in Jeopardy Teacher’s Tournament finals, but he can still be the champion

Talk about an end Peril Finals of the teachers’ tournament. Ben Henri is now one game away from winning it all. But his opponents have as much chance of winning as he. Henri is a grade 7 to 12 vocal music teacher from St. Clair Shores in the greater Detroit area. UPDATE: Did Henri win the Jeopardy Teacher’s Tournament?

The teacher won first place with $ 23,678 in their quarterfinal game last week send it in last night’s semi-final match against two different opponents. He took that away with a total of $ 30,001 to send it to the two-night finals, where tonight’s and tomorrow night’s total scores will determine the champion.


These three opponents could not be better matched. After the Jeopardy Round, Will Satterwhite, a group teacher from Virginia, placed first with $ 5,200. Henri was second with $ 4,600 and Maggie Kwait, a humanities teacher at New York College, was third with $ 4,400. Check out how close those scores were.


Round-trip scores continued in Double Jeopardy with one notable moment where Kwait bet a true Daily Double and lost everything. But she made a great comeback to score almost even before the Final Jeopardy. Henri was at $ 15,000 in first place, followed by $ 13,600 from Kwait and $ 12,000 from Satterwhite.


The Category: Notable Brits. The clue: When this man died in a motorcycle accident in 1935, Churchill said his “life was faster and more intense than usual.” Who is Lawrence of Arabia?

All three contestants responded poorly, each betting around half of their winnings. So after the night of one of the finals, Kwait is in first place with $ 7,600, Henri is second with $ 7,500 and Satterwhite is third with $ 6,000. You can watch the final match to see who wins the Jeopardy Teacher tournament on Friday night.


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