Is there a simpler plane than this electric paramotor?

The dream of getting some fresh air has probably trapped more than a few of us, but for the most part it remains elusive as the safety, regulatory and training frameworks surrounding powered flight make it an effort to the shy ones. [Justine Haupt] probably delivered the simplest propelled plane possible with its Blimp Drive, a two-propeller electric supplement for its paraglider rig that allows it to self-launch and maintain its flights while soaring.

It takes the form of a carbon fiber tube with large drone motors and U-bolt bolted accessories at each end, and a set of brackets in the center of the carbon fiber laid on 3D printed shapes to which the battery and the paraglider harness are attached. The set is light and quiet, and due to the two counter-rotating propellers, it also doesn’t have the torque issues that would affect a single propeller vessel.

We are not pilots or paragliders here at Hackaday, so our impression of the gear used does not come from a pilot‘s point of view. But its simplicity and ease of taking off seem to be unmatched by anything else, and we must admit a touch of envy as in the video below the pause it flies over the beach which is its test site.

If you recognize Justine from previous Hackaday articles, you are on the right track. Most memorable is probably his rotating cell phone.

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