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Corvallis has many veterans of the Vietnam War, the Korean War and several of the Second World War, including a surprising number of Pearl Harbor Veterans – a group which is among the most honored but also the most deeply traumatized of all the members of the Greatest Generation. So when Honor robbery, the charity that transports veterans to Washington, DC to visit the memorials of those who served and who has a local section with a busy schedule out of Corvallis, had to shut down due to COVID-19, many of these people lost their chance to make this trip.

It was a painful decision to suspend Honor robbery visits to Washington, knowing that some would die for sure before the end of the pandemic. These same veterans were also among the most vulnerable, so there really was no choice but to stop the planes until the emergency was over.

Now the local chapter, Honor Flight South WillametteValley, set off again. Their next scheduled flight leaves on the September 30 and returns to the October 4.

Be careful, if you or a member of your family are planning to take advantage of an honor flight: it is a for-profit business, “volshonneur.com,Which took advantage of the failure of Honor Flight to secure all associated domain names and now charges people money for plane tickets to Washington. The real Honor Flight Network steals all veterans for free.

By John M. Burt

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