Honda will develop the eVTOL aircraft

In addition to clean operation, eVTOL offers safety at a level equivalent to that of commercial passenger aircraft. Due to these characteristics, the race to develop eVTOL aircraft is becoming more and more vigorous.

However, all-electric eVTOL aircraft face a range issue due to the limited battery capacity. Therefore, the realistic use area is limited to urban transport. To solve this problem and achieve user-friendly intercity transportation with greater range, Honda will take advantage of its electrification technologies and develop Honda eVTOL equipped with a gas turbine hybrid powertrain.

Imagine a transport ecosystem

In addition to electrification technologies, Honda eVTOL will feature technologies that Honda has accumulated in different areas such as combustion, aerodynamics and control technologies.

In addition to the eVTOL and a hybrid powertrain, Honda also presents a vision of a transportation ecosystem involving the use of “Honda Mobility Hubs” strategically positioned to serve as base locations connecting different cities. This ecosystem could also involve electric and autonomous land transport.

At the same time, in the air ambulance sector, Dufour Aerospace and the Swiss Air Rescue Rega signed a letter of intent to cooperate in the development of an air ambulance version of Dufour’s Aero3 eVTOL tilt-wing aircraft.

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