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When Southwest Airlines canceled a flight to San Diego this week, one of many cancellations the airline has blamed on weather-related technical difficulties, the band from Hoke County High School missed a performance that was brewing for months.

Solymar Castellon, a piccolo player, was one of 25 band members hoping to make the trip to California for the 2022 National Education Conference.

“It was a big disappointment because me and the band put so much work into it,” she said. “It was really disappointing to go to the airport just to find the flight had been cancelled.”

The band’s manager said he sent a video of the band’s performance which was played at the convention.

“It’s like they’ve been robbed of a unique experience,” said Devon Pickett, director of the high school band. “85% of these students had never flown before.”

The father of 17-year-old band member Isaiah Joe sent an encouraging message to his son to help lift his spirits.

“Life is beautiful and continues to flourish for you, your friends and classmates. It will also be difficult, disappointing and happy, but you have a great foundation for success. So it will happen.”

Students at Hoke County High School not only learn to play great music, they learn to face whatever life throws at them.

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