Funko completes its Marvel Comics Iron Man Hall of Armor Pops


Iron Man is exploding with brand new Pop Vinyls from Funko as they continue their Hall of Armor collection. These exclusive PX Previews figures are stackable, allowing Marvel Comics fans to display Tony Starks’ arsenal. The final two armor sets have arrived with the Model 11 War Machine and Model 8 Silver Centurion suits. Both suits feature what classic Iron Man Pop design fans love, with each suit placed in an alcove. This is a set of Pops that Funko shouldn’t limit because there are so many armors. Hopefully we can see more of these versions of Pops allowing fans to collect all of them or just some of their favorite combinations from all of Marvel Comics history. Each Iron Man Hall of Armor Deluxe Pop is priced at $29.99 and slated for release in October 2022. Pre-orders can be found online right here as well as at your local comic book store.

“Filled with additional weaponry, the Iron Man Armor Model 11 is dubbed by Tony Stark the War Machine! First seen in Iron Man #281, this iconic armor is later given to Stark’s skilled military pilot and aviator engineer Industries, James Rhodes, who takes on the mantle of War Machine.Now you can add the War Machine armor to your very own Iron Man Hall of Armor with Funko!These comic book-inspired designs are built to include stackable alcoves for each armor, allowing collectors to build their own armor Each POP! Deluxe Marvel Hall of Armor figure stands approximately 3 3/4″ tall and comes packaged in a collector-friendly window box.”

“Originally donned by Tony Stark in his battle with business rival turned Iron Monger Obadiah Stane, Iron Man Armor Model 8, also known as the Silver Centurion armor, features a silver and red color scheme instead of the Tony’s usual red and gold. Now you can add this iconic suit to your own pantheon of Iron Man armor with Funko!”

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