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Air travel is finally resuming after the COVID pandemic effectively halted travel plans for most passengers. But now travelers face new challenges, including canceled flights. Southwest and American Airlines have each made nearly 2,000 last-minute flight cancellations in recent months, stranding people at airports across the country. And it’s no longer just some flights that are cut due to weather and understaffing: many airlines are taking advantage of this time to restructure their service on a larger scale, removing entire flight routes from cities. In fact, a popular airline has just announced that it will soon be phasing out all flights to two of the largest airports in the United States. Read on to find out if your trip could be affected next year.

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Frontier airlines will withdraw his services two major airports next year, the company said on an earnings call this month, as Insider reported. The airline will cut all flights to and from Newark Liberty International Airport in Newark, New Jersey, and Dulles International Airport in Washington, DC, in 2022. According to Insider, Frontier’s website states that the last available flight de Dulles will be on January 4. No exact date has been given for its final departure from Newark, but during the call for results, the company said it would cut all flights from both airports by March 2022.

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Dulles Airport in Washington DC

Frontier’s separation from Newark has been swift, as the airline just joined the airport lineup two years ago, according to Business Insider. The company was operating from Dulles since 2014, as reported by the Loudoun Times-Mirror. But during the call for earnings, Daniel shurzFrontier’s senior vice president of commercial affairs confirmed that airport costs at these two locations were becoming too high for the company to justify continuing to operate. “We are taking steps to address the significant increase we are seeing in the cost pressures at airports“Shurz said.

Los Angeles Airport signs a full freeway with an airplane flying overhead.

This is not Frontier’s first major cut in 2021, however. Airway Magazine, the the airline has just stopped serving Los Angeles International Airport in September. And he also cut service to San Jose, Calif., This year, according to Shurz.

“We have so many opportunities for growth, as we have said several times this year. We have a lot of places to put our planes and therefore we find places that are more profitable in the short term,” Shurz said during the talks. November 2021 results. appeal. “And look, a number of the airports that we have made decisions about are in multi-airport cities and there are much more profitable airports that we can fly from to these cities in these metropolitan areas. is ultimately what we need to do for the long term, we will do it for the long term. “

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border company planes

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that Frontier will never serve any of those airports again. During the call for results, Shurz confirmed that it was possible for the airline to bring flights back to one of the cutoff locations at some point, “as with any airport, if the relationship between fares and costs are improving, we will review the decision, ”he said. noted.

“Yes, if the costs go down and I think some airports will see their costs go down, we’ll come back. But if the costs don’t go down, we’ll stick to the cheaper airports,” Shurz explained. He added that he believes it is likely that some places will rectify their high costs in order to recoup the airlines that depart as a result. “We are going to see airports where … I think they are realizing with their costs [are] take the service away and they will try to find ways to make it more profitable, ”he said.

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