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An easyJet flight to Morocco has been forced to divert to Portugal after the pilot was injured mid-flight.

According to single flight.

Passengers were told they would be diverted to Portugal around two hours after the start of the three-and-a-half-hour flight due to an emergency on board.

Although the cause of the injury was not disclosed due to medical secrecy, airport sources said the daily mail the senior officer had dislocated his shoulder.

“The first officer landed the aircraft in accordance with standard operating procedures and the captain was met by paramedics on arrival,” an easyJet spokesperson said. Single flight.

“At no time was the safety of those on board compromised. Unfortunately the hijacking meant that the crew reached their maximum legal operating hours and the flight was therefore delayed overnight and departed the following day. .

“easyJet has done everything possible to minimize disruption to our passengers, providing hotel rooms and meals where required.”

The pilot was in too much pain to continue flying and has since been taken to hospital for treatment.

Another major airline pilot said the daily mail they had never heard of a captain dislocating a shoulder during a flight.

“Does he do gymnastics or exercise?” It’s just weird,” the pilot said.

The flight passengers were accommodated in a hotel for the night and continued their journey the following morning.

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