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In this scene from The stewardessfirst episode of Cassie (Kaley Cuoco) returns to the crime scene at the center of the murder mystery plot of the HBO comedy series Max: The Bangkok Hotel Sequel where she discovers Alex (Michiel Huisman), who was brutally killed at some point the day before, during Cassie’s alcohol-induced blackout. But it’s not really the hotel suite – it’s Cassie’s “spirit palace,” where she returns frequently throughout the series to deal with the trauma she’s been through and to understand what she has been doing. that happened to Alex.

“It’s a structure you can build in your head to help you focus on things, remember them, visualize things,” says Steve Yockey of this seemingly otherworldly version of the game. hotel suite. It wasn’t a device that novelist Chris Bohjalian used in the book the HBO Max series is based on. “The book is very tense and very internal,” Yockey continues. “It works great on the page, but you don’t want to watch someone in a hotel room think. We got the idea that the Makara Prince suite existed in his mind because it gave us the opportunity [to express] Cassie thinks and feels externally.

It’s the second time Cassie has entered the Spirit Palace, and Yockey says the scene was originally a lot shorter: “It was supposed to be that kind of fast-paced, disorienting pop.” The writer added more dialogue not only to give Cassie a better idea of ​​what was going on, but for the benefit of the audience as well. “This allowed us to establish that she was not yet comfortable with the situation because it is a strange situation, even for viewers,” says Yockey. “It also gave us the opportunity to re-establish Alex as more than a murder victim, to remind people that he has that dark, sarcastic kind of humor because he’s basically a part of Cassie’s brain.”

The stewardess

“Alex is by no means heartwarming. In fact, he’s a bit casual, ”Yockey says. The stewardess mixes darkness with lightness throughout the series, and this scene sets up the surreal tone for the rest of the show. “By adding humor to this kind of psychological thriller, you can also get a lot darker.”

The stewardess

“Cassie is extremely high – she’s a 10 in this scene,” Yockey says. “She is drawn into the spirit palace, which is the last place she wants to be.” By the second episode of the series, Cassie is able to predict when she will be sent back to this cerebral place, but she is not yet aware of what is going on here.

“You learn a lot about Cassie from the way she behaves in the spirit palace,” Yockey says. “It’s her internal space where no one else is looking at her, and so she’s the rawest and most authentic.”

The stewardess

Even though Cassie asks Alex’s Mind Palace for an explanation for her predicament, she still doesn’t realize that he’s, in fact, part of her own mind. “It’s almost like she’s an unreliable narrator on her own,” Yockey says. “He only knows what she knows – he’s not going to say ‘Here’s a clue.’ “This scene sets up the rules of the spirit palace, even though Cassie hasn’t figured them out yet.” That gives you an idea of ​​what we’re dealing with, “he adds.” The palace of the mind is a big swing and can be a bit offensive to the audience.Without giving the impression of being exposed, [we had to] install people in the device and in the path.

The stewardess

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