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HOUSTON, TX – Capt. John Blum, associate professor and director of the professional pilot program at Lone Star College-Montgomery, has been elected to the board of directors of the University Aviation Association (UAA). The UAA is the voice of collegiate aviation to its members, industry, government and the general public.

PHOTO: The University Aviation Association has elected Captain John Blum, associate professor and director of the Lone Star College-Montgomery commercial pilot program, to serve on its board of directors.

“I look forward to working with the UAA team and all of its members to advance the quality and depth of aviation education programs in our industry,” said Blum, whose term begins January 1. 2023. “UAA plays a vital role in advancing degree-granting aviation and I am proud to be able to be a part of this important work.

The LSC Commercial Pilot Program provides the flight training and academic education to prepare students for a career as a professional pilot. Students who successfully complete the program earn an Associate of Applied Science, Commercial Pilot degree.


“The airline industry is facing a severe shortage of pilots, with the greatest impact being felt among regional airlines,” said Rebecca L. Riley, Ed.D., president of LSC-Montgomery. . “Captain. Blum will be a tremendous asset to UAA and ensure that higher education continues to address this issue.

There are currently 104 students enrolled in the program which boasts a 92% pass rate for the first time.

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics noted that there are approximately 18,100 openings for airline and commercial pilots expected each year over the next decade. Many of these openings are expected to result from the need to replace workers who change occupations or leave the labor market, including those who retire.

Visit LoneStar.edu/Professional-Pilot-AAS to learn more about how LSC is working to address the shortage of airline and commercial pilots.

Lone Star College Logo

Lone Star College enrolls more than 80,000 students each semester, providing high-quality, low-cost academic transfer and vocational training. LSC is training tomorrow’s workforce today and redefining the community college experience to drive student success. Stephen C. Head, Ph.D., is Chancellor of LSC, the Houston area’s largest institution of higher learning and was named a 2022 Great Colleges to Work For® by the Chronicle of Higher Education, ranked 35th in Texas . on the Forbes list of “America’s Top Employers by State” and recognized by Fortune magazine and Great Place To Work® as one of this year’s Best Places to Work in Texas. LSC consists of eight colleges, seven centers, eight workforce centers of excellence, and the Lone Star Corporate College. To learn more, visit LoneStar.edu.


]]> Slippage in durable goods orders on commercial aircraft https://pilotin.org/slippage-in-durable-goods-orders-on-commercial-aircraft/ Tue, 27 Sep 2022 14:03:12 +0000 https://pilotin.org/slippage-in-durable-goods-orders-on-commercial-aircraft/

Durable goods orders fell in August, punctuated by lower orders for commercial aircraft and parts.

Overall orders fell 0.2% to $272.7 billion, the Commerce Department said in a monthly report today. This is the second consecutive monthly decline.

Excluding transport, new orders increased by 0.2%. Excluding defence, orders fell 0.9%.

The overall transportation equipment category fell 1.1% to $92 billion. This is the second consecutive monthly decline for transport.

Within this category, the main reason for the decline was orders for commercial aircraft and parts, which plunged 18.5% to $13.3 billion.

The other transportation components held up better.

Orders for motor vehicles and parts rose 0.3% to $59.8 billion. Orders for aircraft and defense parts soared 31% to $6.9 billion.

Commercial aerospace typically faces labor shortages and supply chain issues. The auto industry continues to benefit from strong demand for pickup trucks and SUVs, but an ongoing shortage of computer chips has limited the supply of dealer lots.

Among other categories, orders for primary metals rose 0.4% to $20.8 billion. Machinery orders rose 0.3% to $38.8 billion. Orders for fabricated metal products fell 0.7% to $36.9 billion.

The report is based on a survey of approximately 3,100 companies.

CCIA is working on adding domestic flight options beyond Denver https://pilotin.org/ccia-is-working-on-adding-domestic-flight-options-beyond-denver/ Tue, 27 Sep 2022 00:15:00 +0000 https://pilotin.org/ccia-is-working-on-adding-domestic-flight-options-beyond-denver/ CCIA airport officials attempted to secure nonstop service between Corpus Christi and Denver. Now two other cities are also in the running.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – Kim Barrientos is happy that Corpus Christi International Airport adds more options, but she said she likes the idea of ​​nonstop flights to places she wants to go.

“It needs to offer more flights, especially for direct flights like the Midwest,” she said. “Especially right now, there are no direct flights. You have to go to Houston when they could fly to Des Moines direct.”

CCIA officials are working to secure direct flights to out-of-state destinations beyond Denver, as well as with other carriers.

“Frontier and Allegiance, and some of those carriers don’t like to just do one city three times a week,” he said. “So what we offered them is to do three times a week in Denver, three times a week in Orlando, three times a week in Las Vegas, there are other cities that Corpus Christians want to surrender.”

Visit Corpus Christi CEO Brett Oetting said his group wants to help the city get nonstop service to Denver.

“One of the things we say to the airlines is that if you give us this nonstop air service to Denver, then Visit Corpus Christi will inject a lot of dollars into the market and tell people in the Denver area that ‘they can now fly non-stop to Corpus Christi,’ he said.

Smith plans to travel to Las Vegas in October to meet with 14 airlines, including Amazon and UPS, as well as Las Vegas and Denver airport officials in a bid to try to get as much support as possible for more domestic flights.

However, it will be some time before international flights are back on the table.

“The big problem right now is that Mexican airspace has been downgraded to a Class B airspace“He said. “That basically means we can’t add new flights on a Mexican carrier from the United States to Mexico or from Mexico to the United States. It’s more a matter of paper, as the FAA explained to us.

Six-run second inning puts ex-Airmen 11-3 | New https://pilotin.org/six-run-second-inning-puts-ex-airmen-11-3-new/ Sun, 25 Sep 2022 22:13:00 +0000 https://pilotin.org/six-run-second-inning-puts-ex-airmen-11-3-new/


A six-run barrage early in the second set proved to be the difference for the Reno Aces (82-63) in an 11-3 series finale win over the Las Vegas Aviators (70-77) Sunday afternoon in front of 8,023 fans at the Las Vegas Ballpark.

With the victory, the Aces finish with a 22-8 record against the Aviators this season in the Silver State Diamond Challenge presented by Nevada Donor Network.

After Buddy Kennedy’s first-inning solo homer gave the Aces a 1-0 lead, Reno’s bats continued to strike with a six-run second inning capped by a three-run shot from Blaze Alexander for a 7-0 advantage over aces.

Drew Stankiewicz cemented Reno’s 11-3 victory in the sixth with a solo dinger, his first as an ace. The Arizona State product stayed hot at the plate with a 3-for-4 performance that included a home run, three RBIs and two runs scored.

The victory was awarded to Miguel Aguilar (W, 3-2) after the southpaw pitched a scoreless inning in relief, allowed one hit, no walks and struck out a batter.

Notable aces:

  • Blaze Alexander: 2 for 5. RH (2), 3 RBI, R.
  • Buddy Kennedy: 1 for 4, HR (7), RBI, R.
  • Cole Tucker: 2 for 5, 2B, 2 RBI, R.
  • Dominic Miroglio: 3 for 5, 2G, 2 R.
  • Jeff Bain: (N/A) 4.0 IP, 3 H, 1 ER, 2 BB, 2 K.

The Aces will return home for a final three-game slate against the Tacoma Rainiers, Triple-A affiliate of the Seattle Mariners, beginning Monday, Sept. 26 at 6:05 p.m.

Tickets for the last homestand of the 2022 season are available at RenoAces.com or Text 21003.

The traces of a kamikaze pilot photojournalist found by his son 77 years later https://pilotin.org/the-traces-of-a-kamikaze-pilot-photojournalist-found-by-his-son-77-years-later/ Sun, 25 Sep 2022 00:02:54 +0000 https://pilotin.org/the-traces-of-a-kamikaze-pilot-photojournalist-found-by-his-son-77-years-later/

MINAMIKYUSHU, Kagoshima — The son of a former Mainichi Shimbun photographer who captured young Japanese kamikaze pilots before their suicide attack missions in the final stages of World War II followed in his father’s footsteps this summer, visiting this town in southwestern Japan where a base for one-way flights was located during the war.

Kamikaze pilots toast with the maintenance crew for the last time before their suicide attack missions. (Mainichi/Hiromu Hayakawa)

The photographer, Hiromu Hayakawa, joined The Mainichi Newspapers Co. in 1937 and apparently visited the Chiran base around April 1945, after returning from Japanese-occupied Manchuria in present-day northeast China. Photos he is said to have taken in Chiran include those capturing the maintenance crew checking planes through the night, pilots visiting injured comrades, and pilots giving a final toast before departing on suicide bombing missions.

“I’m seeing these photos for the first time,” said Iwao Hayakawa, 81, the late photographer’s eldest son and a resident of Takatsuki, Osaka Prefecture, as he looked at the old black-and-white photos kept at Headquarters. from Mainichi Shimbun to Osaka in Osaka city.

Iwao made his long-awaited trip to Chiran in July this year. “I wanted to visit Chiran at least once,” he said.

Chiran is known as the starting point for 439 of the 1,036 pilots killed in kamikaze operations targeting US military vessels in Okinawa. The area where the military base was located is now surrounded by residential neighborhoods and sweet potato fields, leaving only a water tower, an ammunition depot and a few other facilities as remnants of the war.

Kamikaze pilots visit a wounded comrade. (Mainichi/Hiromu Hayakawa)

Iwao walked around the remains of a bunker where kamikaze planes were stored, runways and “triangular barracks” where the pilots were housed. There used to be a barracks for journalists nearby, but a cedar forest now grows there.

“My dad was probably there,” Iwao said, seemingly overwhelmed with emotion.

He pulled out a Nikon single-lens reflex camera and clicked on it. Iwao himself worked primarily as a photographer for Sports Nippon Newspapers for 40 years until his retirement in 2000.

Suicide bomber pilots are seen asleep in their barracks the night before their suicide bombing missions. Cotton futons would have been provided by local residents. (Mainichi/Hiromu Hayakawa)

“He was a strict father,” Iwao recalls, while admiring his father as a photographer. “He studied his subjects thoroughly before taking pictures of them. The composition of his photos was also well thought out,” he said.

It was after he turned 40 that Iwao learned that his father had photographed kamikaze pilots in Chiran, when he saw a magazine containing photos of suicide attack units taken by his father.

By then, her father had already passed away. Besides his assignment in Chiran, his father was also an embedded journalist in Manchuria and covered Nagasaki following the August 9, 1945 American atomic bombing of the city in southwestern Japan. He didn’t talk about the war or share his thoughts on peace with his son, and Iwao never had the opportunity to sit down and talk about photography with him until his death in 1981 at the age of 64 years old. should have asked him more (about the war),” Iwao said ruefully.

Mainichi Shimbun photographer Hiromu Hayakawa is seen, apparently when he was an embedded reporter, in this photo provided by his son Iwao Hayakawa.

Iwao also visited the Chiran Peace Museum, which displays personal effects left behind by suicide bomber pilots and other relevant documents, including four photographs taken by his father.

One of the photos captured pilots as they slept soundly in barracks the night before their kamikaze attacks. Satoshi Yamaki, 46, a curator at the museum, explained: “They would normally use military blankets, but there are reports that local residents provided their futons to the barracks in the hope that the pilots could sleep on cotton futons at least their last night alive. .”

Iwao Hayakawa is seen visiting the remains of a bunker for storing kamikaze attack planes, in Minamikyushu city, Kagoshima prefecture, on July 15, 2022. (Mainichi/Saori Moriguchi)

Most of the pilots had to leave on a suicide mission in a few days, but they were also allowed to go out into town in Chiran and interact with the locals. One of the photos shows pilots helping with farming while waiting for orders for their missions.

“It must have been difficult to continue photographing the suicide units, unless my father had become an iron heart. I guess he also spent sleepless nights in the barracks,” Iwao surmised. “I guess he thought that as long as he was assigned to a job, he had to capture the pilots and talk about it in the papers as a professional.”

(Japanese original by Saori Moriguchi, Osaka City News Department)

]]> Pilot of small plane dead after crash near Mount Jefferson | New https://pilotin.org/pilot-of-small-plane-dead-after-crash-near-mount-jefferson-new/ Sat, 24 Sep 2022 05:18:00 +0000 https://pilotin.org/pilot-of-small-plane-dead-after-crash-near-mount-jefferson-new/

LINN COUNTY, Ore. – A pilot of a small plane died after crashing near the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness area Thursday afternoon.

According to the Linn County Sheriff’s Office, the initial call of a downed plane came in at 4:14 p.m. Thursday. Hikers in the area reported hearing what sounded like an airplane engine followed by a loud crash.

Two hikers were on the Pacific Crest Trail when they heard the crash and said they could smell fuel but did not see an aircraft.

The report was followed up with the United States Air Force Rescue Coordination Center (AFRCC) contacting the dispatcher and said they had an aircraft radar that had gone missing over the Mount Jefferson wilderness.

At approximately 6:25 p.m. the AFRCC called back and said it confirmed radar showed a small plane had crashed and provided a general area.

The Linn County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue, along with Life Flight, were dispatched to search for the downed plane.

Life Flight flew over the area but could not find the crash site due to weather conditions.

While crews searched, the AFRCC said they received a report of a missing and overdue aircraft. The missing aircraft was a 1996 Piper Cherokee single-engine aircraft from Llano, California.

Then, Friday morning, around 9 a.m., a US Coast Guard helicopter was able to locate the crash site east of Lake Marion between Mount Jefferson and Three Fingered Jack.

Linn County search and rescue teams marched through the area and set up camp near the crash site. Rescuers confirmed that the pilot had died as the accident did not allow him to survive.

The identity of the pilot has not been released at this time.

Only 1/3 of Americans support Republican migrant flights, Reuters/Ipsos poll finds https://pilotin.org/only-1-3-of-americans-support-republican-migrant-flights-reuters-ipsos-poll-finds/ Fri, 23 Sep 2022 21:54:00 +0000 https://pilotin.org/only-1-3-of-americans-support-republican-migrant-flights-reuters-ipsos-poll-finds/

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WASHINGTON, Sept 23 (Reuters) – Only a third of Americans – including half of Republicans and one in six of Democrats – say state officials can fly or bus migrants to other states, a sign that Southern Republican governors pushing foreigners to ship foreigners north could backfire on some voters, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll.

Republican leaders, including Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a potential 2024 presidential candidate, are betting their immigration policies and proposals will help motivate their core supporters to vote in the November 8 midterm elections, when they aim to regain control of the US Congress.

The two-day poll concluded Thursday showed Americans are deeply divided on immigration, even within their political parties.

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Only about half of Democratic respondents agreed with a statement that it should be easier for people to immigrate to the United States. A slightly larger share of Republicans — six in 10 — disagreed.

Following a high-profile campaign by Republican governors to bus or fly thousands of migrants to Democratic areas in recent months, 53% of Republican respondents to the poll said they supported the practice. Twenty-nine percent opposed it.

Sixteen percent of Democrats supported the practice and 55 percent opposed it. Overall, 29% of Americans supported the practice and 40% opposed it.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott, a Republican facing re-election in November, has sent about 11,500 migrants to Washington, New York and Chicago since April. Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, another Republican, sent more than 1,800 people to Washington.

Venezuelan migrants stand outside St. Andrew’s Church in Edgartown, Massachusetts, U.S., September 14, 2022. Ray Ewing/Vineyard Gazette/Handout via REUTERS/File Photo

Last week, DeSantis took credit for a flight that carried about 50 migrants to the vacation island of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, an affluent liberal haven where former President Barack Obama has a mansion.

Like Abbott, DeSantis is re-elected in November.

The governors’ moves aim to shift responsibility for border commuters to areas that typically vote Democratic, while demonstrating Republican opposition to Democratic President Joe Biden’s more welcoming border policies.

But leading Democrats, including California Governor Gavin Newsom, have said some of the state’s moves to ship migrants north could be criminal and urged federal prosecutors to investigate.

Migrants on the flight to Martha’s Vineyard say they were misled and a sheriff in Texas, where the flight departed from, is investigating the incident.

Forty-five percent of respondents in the Reuters/Ipsos poll – including 63% Democrats and 31% Republicans – said heads of state carrying migrants were smuggling illegal migrants.

The poll, conducted online in English across the United States, collected responses from 1,005 adults, including 449 Democrats and 361 Republicans. It has a credibility interval – a measure of precision – of four percentage points.

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Reporting by Jason Lange, additional reporting by Ted Hesson; Editing by Scott Malone and Jonathan Oatis

Our standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

West Branch defeats Aviators in three games | News, Sports, Jobs https://pilotin.org/west-branch-defeats-aviators-in-three-games-news-sports-jobs/ Fri, 23 Sep 2022 06:08:50 +0000 https://pilotin.org/west-branch-defeats-aviators-in-three-games-news-sports-jobs/

ALLIANCE – West Branch earned its 13th win of the season beating Alliance, 25-10, 25-14, 25-18 on Thursday.

Warriors improve to 13-3 overall and 6-2 in Eastern Buckeye Conferenc.e

Leading the Warriors were Adele Peters with 14 points, five aces and 14 digs, Hannah Rush 13 points and five aces and Claire Brunner six kills.

West Branch also won the junior varsity game, 25-10, 25-17, behind Carter Shepherd’s 25 points and eight aces. Taiva Hagan had eight assists.

West Branch will host Carrollton on Tuesday.

Local South 3,

Leonie 0

SALINEVILLE — The Southern Local Indians volleyball team moves to 11-3 this season after beating Leetonia 25-5, 25-3, 25-8 on Thursday.

For the Indians, Kya McCulley had 29 points. Rylee Mellott had 20 assists. Aleah Bach had 13 points and three kills. Esther Forbes has managed three victories. Olivia Kerns had three blocks.

Southern Local also won the Jayvee game 25-7, 25-8.

For the Indians, Gianna Pecorelli had 11 points and Cheyenne Buzzard nine points.

Southern Local will travel to play Columbiana on Tuesday.

Ridge 3,

Brookfield 0

BROOKFIELD — The state-ranked Crestview Rebels volleyball team remains undefeated following a 25-8, 25-14, 25-12 win over Brookfield on Thursday.

For the Rebels, Abbey Emch had 15 kills, seven digs and four blocks. Grace Auer had 19 points, 16 assists and 10 aces. Lainy Auer had seven assists and four kills. Alyssa Smotherman had 12 points and two aces.

Crestview improves to 12-0 overall and 10-0 in the MVAC Gray Division.

The Rebels also won the Jayvee game, 25-18, 25-15.

For the Rebels, Valerie Boyd had five kills. Alli Howell had 11 assists, 11 points and four aces. Natalie Blakeman had 10 digs and three points.

The Rebels will host Newton Falls on Tuesday.

Area Jefferson 3,

South Range 0

GREENFORD — Jefferson Area boosted South Range, 25-19, 25-14, 25-22, in Game Northeast 8 on Thursday.

Jefferson Area improves to 12-4 overall and 8-2 in the league, while South Range ties at 7-7 and 5-5 Northeast 8.

Leading Jefferson were Sara Stone with two aces, Chloe O’Rourke 15 kills, Helaina Edgar 33 assists and Remington Ryan 17 digs.

For South Range, Maria Primavera had 12 kills and Maddie Dado 22 digs.

Colombian 3,

Eastern Palestine 1

EAST PALESTINE — Columbiana outscored East Palestine, 20-25, 25-20, 25-15, 25-22, in Thursday’s Eastern Ohio Athletic Conference game.

The Clippers improve to 9-5 overall and 7-3 in the league.

Ava Heinrich 14 points, five aces, 12 kills and 19 digs; Ellie Jackson 11 kills, 16 assists and 18 digs; Cameron Perkins nine kills, 15 assists and 26 digs; Danica Halas seven kills and four blocks; and Maryn Hepler 24 excavations.

For the Bulldogs, Mia Lee had 24 kills, six blocks and three points. Mackenzie Parker had 18 points and Elle Berger had six kills.

The Clippers also won the jayvee game 25-23, 25-14, as Emily Reash had six points with five aces and Megan Moser had five points with two aces and five kills. For the Bulldogs, Cami Kridler had six points.

Columbiana will play Heartland Christian on Saturday and East Palestine will host Lisbon on Tuesday.

United 3,

Lisbon 1

HANOVERTON — United edged Lisbon, 25-19, 18-25, 25-16, 25-17, in Thursday’s Eastern Ohio Athletic Conference game.

The Eagles leaders were Olivia Grubb with three aces, 29 assists and 11 digs, Zoee Smith 14 kills and 21 digs, and Taylor Cope 10 kills.

The Eagles improve to 8-7 overall and 7-3 in the league.

United also won the junior college game, 24-26, 25-20, 25-11, behind kill leader Aurianna Cusick.

The Eagles host Rootstown on Monday.

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]]> Pilot lands safely in Antigua after engine explodes mid-flight https://pilotin.org/pilot-lands-safely-in-antigua-after-engine-explodes-mid-flight/ Thu, 22 Sep 2022 21:48:45 +0000 https://pilotin.org/pilot-lands-safely-in-antigua-after-engine-explodes-mid-flight/

Passengers aboard a Fly Montserrat jet have praised their pilot wife for landing the plane safely after developing a mechanical issue mid-flight en route to VC Bird International Airport on the Caribbean island of North of Antigua.

According to the Antigua Observer, the plane’s engine “exploded” while en route from Montserrat.

During the flight, passengers noticed an oil leak from one of the engines of the Britten-Norman BN-2A-26 Islander aircraft and Captain Jamilla Jeffrey.

Oil leak from the engine of a FlyMontserrat Britten-Norman BN-2A-26 aircraft.

According to information from the Antigua and Barbuda Fire Department, at approximately 9:30 a.m. this morning an in-flight emergency was declared and Antigua Emergency Services responded in advance. Doctors at Sir Lester Bird Medical Center were also put on alert.

“Maybe five to ten minutes after takeoff, we could see the oil coming out of the right side of the engine. After the oil was out, you could see flames. Then all of a sudden you heard the aircraft idling,” said a woman on board. Radio ZJB in Montserrat.

In an interview with ZJB Radio, Captain Nigel Harris, General Manager of FlyMontserrat, praised Trinidad and Tobago native Jeffrey for responding effectively to the emergency in accordance with his training, Caribbean Loop reported.

No injuries were reported.

It is not the first time that planes belonging to Fly Montserrat have had accidents.

On April 16, 2011, the right brake of a Fly Montserrat aircraft malfunctioned after landing at Osborne Airport, and the pilot was forced to apply the left brake and veer into the grass to avoid the end of the track. There are no casualties.

On October 7, 2012, a Fly Montserrat flight from Antigua to Montserrat crashed shortly after VC Bird International took off. Three of the four passengers were killed, including the pilot. An investigation revealed the presence of water in the fuel line.

BAE delivers key equipment for USAF EC-37B Compass Call aircraft https://pilotin.org/bae-delivers-key-equipment-for-usaf-ec-37b-compass-call-aircraft/ Thu, 22 Sep 2022 15:04:18 +0000 https://pilotin.org/bae-delivers-key-equipment-for-usaf-ec-37b-compass-call-aircraft/

BAE Systems has delivered the final set of key components for the first US Air Force (USAF) EC-37B Compass Call aircraft.

Completion of this milestone marks the completion of system component design and testing.

This delivery also contributed to operational and development flight testing in the Compass Call Base Configuration 3, which will provide additional electronic warfare (EW) capabilities to aircraft.

The tests are expected to take place in January next year.

Interim commissioning efforts will contribute to the conclusion of testing by mid-2024.

Work on Compass Call is underway at the company’s facility in San Diego, CA; and Nashua and Hudson, New Hampshire, USA.

Jared Belinsky, Director of Electronic Attack (EA) Solutions, BAE Systems, said, “Since the program’s inception, BAE Systems has consistently delivered advanced functionality for Compass Call.

“This latest hardware delivery for the first EC-37B aircraft ensures an upgrade that will continue to outpace our opponents.”

Originally designed for the EC-130H airframe model, the Compass Call system is being modified for use with the EC-37B business jet airframe.

The EC-37B is the U.S. Department of Defense’s (DoD’s) only long-range, full-spectrum EW jamming aircraft.

Compass Call from BAE Systems is an airborne EA system that disrupts enemy navigation systems, command and control, communications and radar.

The system also blocks the transmission of information between adversaries and its weapon systems and control networks.

The company recently tested three different third-party apps on Compass Call’s Small Adaptive Bank of Electronic Resource (SABER) technology.

SABER is an open system architecture that supports the rapid integration of new technologies through software updates, without the need to reconfigure hardware.

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