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Amir Khan was pulled from an American Airlines flight. Image: Getty

British boxing champion Amir Khan blasted American Airlines, claiming he was taken off a flight “for no reason.”

In a video posted to Twitter this week, the 34-year-old said he was trying to get to a training camp in Colorado from New York.

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However, Khan said he and a colleague were taken off the plane when someone complained that his colleague’s mask “was not high enough”.

“I was taken off the plane today on my way to training camp in Colorado Springs by the police,” he said.

“A complaint was filed by the staff of American Airlines, they said that my colleague’s mask was not high enough and not high enough, that they had to stop the plane and take me with my friend. when I hadn’t done anything wrong.

“They both fired us. I was seated at 1A and he was seated at 1B. I find it disgusting and disrespectful.

“I was supposed to go to Colorado Springs for training camp and now I’m back in New York for another day and have to reschedule another plane to go back to training camp.

“It’s really overwhelming; there was no reason and I’m so disgusted that American Airlines is doing this and banning me from traveling.

“There must be cameras they can see to see if me or my coworker was wrong in any way or caused a scene in any way.

“I’ve never seen this happen before and I’m heartbroken.”

Amir Khan, pictured here after beating Phil Lo Greco in 2018.

Amir Khan celebrates after beating Phil Lo Greco in 2018 (Photo by Jan Kruger / Getty Images)

American Airlines responds to Amir Khan’s complaint

An American Airlines spokesperson has since responded, saying neither Khan nor his colleague are “banned” from future flights.

“Before take-off, American Airlines Flight 700, with service from Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) to Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW), returned to the gate to disembark two customers who allegedly refused to comply. repeated requests to stow baggage, put cellphones in airplane mode and meet federal face-covering requirements, ”the airline said.

“Our Customer Relations team is reaching out to Mr. Khan to learn more about his experience and to reinforce the importance of the policies implemented for the safety of our customers and our crew.”

The spokesperson also said police were not involved in the case.

Khan hasn’t fought for more than two years after his last fight against Billy Dib in Saudi Arabia.

He is expected to fight his British rival Kell Brook in what many believe to be his swan song before he retires.

Brook has fought twice in the past three years and lost his last fight to undefeated champion Terence Crawford.

Khan is a former world champion, having held the WBA title from 2009 to 2012 and the IBF title in 2011.

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Small plane intercepted by fighter jet over Hudson River for violating temporary flight restrictions during UNGA https://pilotin.org/small-plane-intercepted-by-fighter-jet-over-hudson-river-for-violating-temporary-flight-restrictions-during-unga/ https://pilotin.org/small-plane-intercepted-by-fighter-jet-over-hudson-river-for-violating-temporary-flight-restrictions-during-unga/#respond Wed, 22 Sep 2021 03:53:00 +0000 https://pilotin.org/small-plane-intercepted-by-fighter-jet-over-hudson-river-for-violating-temporary-flight-restrictions-during-unga/

The FAA said a Cessna 182 entered the TFR around 2 p.m. The small plane was intercepted by an F-16 fighter jet and escorted out of the TFR “without incident,” according to a NORAD statement.

The plane, owned by the US Military Academy at West Point, was flown by an army training pilot, West Point said in a statement. The instructor pilot was running a cadet flight lab in support of an engineering class when the plane “briefly” violated the TFR near the George Washington Bridge, the statement said.

FlightAware, a website that tracks commercial and other flights, shows the plane flying south along the Hudson River at about 800 feet, 130 miles per hour when it abruptly turns around and flies toward the north at the time of the interception.

“NORAD closely coordinates air defense activities with the FAA and responds as needed,” the statement said. “Temporary violations of the restricted area like this do occur from time to time and are part of normal NORAD operations. “

The temporary flight restriction for VIP travel in New York airspace was in effect from 4:45 pm Monday until 3:45 pm Tuesday. The TFR includes the Hudson River and East River.

The FAA is investigating.

On Tuesday morning, President Joe President used his first UNGA speech to detail his vision for leading the United States into a new era of diplomacy as he sought to reassure allies – some freshly skeptical – that he passed the “America First” era of foreign police.
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Hear the interception of an F-16 from an Army Cessna that violated airspace near the United Nations https://pilotin.org/hear-the-interception-of-an-f-16-from-an-army-cessna-that-violated-airspace-near-the-united-nations/ https://pilotin.org/hear-the-interception-of-an-f-16-from-an-army-cessna-that-violated-airspace-near-the-united-nations/#respond Wed, 22 Sep 2021 02:52:29 +0000 https://pilotin.org/hear-the-interception-of-an-f-16-from-an-army-cessna-that-violated-airspace-near-the-united-nations/

It got very busy in the New York skies today when a wayward Cessna belonging to the United States Army got lost in the restricted airspace around New York which was in place to protect the Annual General Meeting. United Nations, which President Biden attended. The light aircraft was intercepted by F-16C Vipers from the 187th Fighter Wing of the Alabama Air National Guard – the notorious Red Tails – who were on temporary duty to conduct air patrols for the high-profile event. We now have very rare audio of radio communications between air traffic control and the Vipers, which usually communicate over UHF so they are not recorded on standard VHF frequencies, trying to find the plane, intercepting it, then the Cessna pilot‘s response.

As you can hear below, the action started around 2:00 p.m. local time. One of the F-16s registers with the New York approach using the NOBLE 12 call sign and has requested vectors to the TOI, or target of interest. The fighter pilot struggled to find the Cessna on radar, which is not surprising for a small, low-flying plane operating around a metropolis like New York. From there, the interception takes place. You can feel how complex and crowded the airspace is.

The original audio is via the awesome LiveATC.net:

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Airlines reduce aircraft fleets amid pandemic crisis https://pilotin.org/airlines-reduce-aircraft-fleets-amid-pandemic-crisis/ https://pilotin.org/airlines-reduce-aircraft-fleets-amid-pandemic-crisis/#respond Wed, 22 Sep 2021 01:11:56 +0000 https://pilotin.org/airlines-reduce-aircraft-fleets-amid-pandemic-crisis/

Planes are lining up at Incheon International Airport. (Yonhap)

South Korean airlines have dramatically reduced their aircraft fleets over the past two years as demand for air travel has dried up due to the protracted COVID-19 pandemic, data from the United States showed on Wednesday. ‘industry.

The total number of planes operated by the country’s 10 carriers currently stands at 372, up from 414 in 2019, according to data compiled by the Ministry of Transport.

Korean Air Lines Co., the country’s largest full-service carrier, operates 159 planes, up from 170 in 2019, and smaller rival Asiana Airlines Inc. lost three planes during the period to now have 83.

Other budget airlines have rationalized their aircraft fleets, while heavily indebted budget airline Eastar Jet Co. slashed 19 jets as it filed for receivership in January.

Local airlines have reduced the number of planes by returning jets whose leases have expired as part of cost-cutting efforts amid COVID-19.

Local airlines operated some 237,000 international routes in the first eight months of 2019, but the number fell 80% to 46,000 during the same period this year due to the prolonged pandemic, according to the ministry. (Yonhap)

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Firefighters rescue passenger turned gray in in-flight medical emergency https://pilotin.org/firefighters-rescue-passenger-turned-gray-in-in-flight-medical-emergency/ https://pilotin.org/firefighters-rescue-passenger-turned-gray-in-in-flight-medical-emergency/#respond Tue, 21 Sep 2021 21:52:06 +0000 https://pilotin.org/firefighters-rescue-passenger-turned-gray-in-in-flight-medical-emergency/

A group of firefighters sprang into action after seeing a man suffer a medical emergency on a commercial flight between Massachusetts and Chicago.

On September 16, seven firefighters from North Attleboro and Foxboro, Massachusetts were on a Southwest Airlines flight when a passenger began to turn gray during a medical emergency.

Firefighters believed the man was showing symptoms of a possible seizure and became completely unresponsive.

North Attleboro Fire Captain George McKinnon told WBZ-TV on Tuesday that as soon as he and his partners realized there was a problem, “our training began.”

A group of firefighters sprang into action after seeing a man suffer a medical emergency on a commercial flight between Massachusetts and Chicago. The photo above is a photo of a Spirit Airlines plane.
Getty Images

“We do this stuff all over the place in all types of contexts,” McKinnon said. “I never thought I would do it on a plane overhead.”

North Attleboro Fire Chief Chris Coleman told WBZ-TV on Tuesday that they didn’t even have to look at each other to resolve the emergency.

“We just knew what to do. Captain McKinnon did the CPR, I put the IV on, Captain Langille got the AED,” Coleman said.

The passenger had no pulse, so an IV was administered to recover his pulse and move both his blood pressure and his heart.

“The plane had all the equipment we needed,” said Coleman. “Once the patient regained consciousness, we started an infusion, gave him fluid and he remained conscious for the entire flight.”

Coleman said that regardless of the time or place, “it’s our job.”

Firefighters who assisted in the rescue included Chief Chris Coleman; Captain George McKinnon; Captain Josh Langille; Lieutenant Scott Langille; retired firefighters Jeff Badger and Rich McDonagh; and Foxborough firefighter Cory Shepardson.

North Attleboro Deputy Fire Chief Michael Chabot made a statement to WBZ-TV regarding the actions of the fire brigade.

“The heroic actions of these firefighters today echo our mantra that we are never truly on emergency leave,” said Chabot. “Their quick action and determination, even at 30,000 feet in the air, is a testament to their unwavering preparation and professionalism. “

There have been a number of police and medical emergencies incidents that occurred in 2021 on various flights across the country.

More recently, a black Muslim woman was reportedly beaten up and labeled a terrorist by an airline passenger on a Spirit Airlines flight while she was traveling on the 20th anniversary of September 11.

News week contacted the North Attleboro Fire Department for further comment.

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Katie Holmes’ Black $ 160 Platform Loafers Go With Any Outfit https://pilotin.org/katie-holmes-black-160-platform-loafers-go-with-any-outfit/ https://pilotin.org/katie-holmes-black-160-platform-loafers-go-with-any-outfit/#respond Tue, 21 Sep 2021 16:42:46 +0000 https://pilotin.org/katie-holmes-black-160-platform-loafers-go-with-any-outfit/

The start of fall can be identified by several telltale signs: when red-orange foliage begins to color the treetops or when your favorite street style stars switch from dresses to sweaters. In particular, you know summer quickly wears off in New York City when residents like Katie Holmes pull out her reliable, cold staples from storage. Case in point: Holmes wore black platform loafers from Vagabond Shoemakers this weekend. The star swapped her open-toed sandals for thicker, slightly heavier fall shoes.

Holmes has a well-researched and well-edited capsule wardrobe filled with pieces she wears repeatedly – one of the items being her chunky loafers from the Sweden-based shoe brand, which she wears like clockwork for the colder seasons. Therefore, seeing her “ugly” shoes appear again in a recent look means, for all intents and purposes, that summer is officially over.

The actor wore his beloved bulky shoes, which are affordably priced at $ 160, on September 20. Holmes opted for an effortless neutral look consisting of a pair of jeans in her favorite new wide-leg silhouette and a navy crew-neck sweater. She also wore an oversized red and white striped tote over her shoulder and wore a pair of black aviator-style sunglasses.


The recent outing to New York wasn’t his first time rocking the shoes. While shopping in SoHo last winter, Holmes paired the on-trend shoe with loose jeans, a navy pea coat and a crimson newsboy cap, all of which regularly appear in Holmes’ rotation of outfits.

She also slipped into the chunky loafers in early January 2021, but this time Holmes incorporated them into a more understated outfit formula of straight-leg jeans and a black quilted duvet coat. Look at how she also wore off-white socks with her platform shoes, which is a neat style and adjacent to the preppy style that fashion girls are turning to lately.

The majority of Vagabond Shoemakers shoes cap at $ 250. (Gigi Hadid also owns a few pairs of the brand’s shoes – she’s obsessed with the Gabi boot.) So if you’re expanding your fall shoe assortment, or maybe you’ve flirted with the idea of ​​testing it out. The 2021 platform shoe craze, Vagabond is absoutely the place to turn to.

And as luck would have it, below you will find the exact pair of Holmes moccasins. Plus, you’ll find other bulky options that will be welcome additions to your own collection of cold weather footwear.

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Purdue showcases technology, hoping to recruit and help fill ongoing pilot shortage https://pilotin.org/purdue-showcases-technology-hoping-to-recruit-and-help-fill-ongoing-pilot-shortage/ https://pilotin.org/purdue-showcases-technology-hoping-to-recruit-and-help-fill-ongoing-pilot-shortage/#respond Tue, 21 Sep 2021 14:48:00 +0000 https://pilotin.org/purdue-showcases-technology-hoping-to-recruit-and-help-fill-ongoing-pilot-shortage/

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Purdue University showcases its unique aviation technology.

Enter the Niswonger Aviation Technology Building and you’ll find three large aviation simulators for the school’s students. Among them is the A320, a full-motion “Hawker 900XP” – which mimics in-flight motion – and a 737, which mimics most of Boeing’s fleet.

It’s very rare, ”said Mike Suckow, clinical associate professor and deputy head of department in the Department of Aviation Technology. “In the college environment, there are maybe five universities in the country that would have this level of technology. ”

Purdue officials believe the high level of technology has helped launch their aviation students into the commercial flight industry. Suckow said many Purdue aviation students got jobs right after graduation.

“A lot of our students go directly to the big airlines,” he said.

One student who hopes to become a professional pilot soon is Adam Dunham. The masters student and flight instructor said he had no aviation training prior to attending Purdue.

“Four years later, I know how to fly an A320 plane,” he said while testing the simulator. “You don’t just learn how to move a stick and a rotor, but you also learn how airplanes work, the systems behind the scenes. How does an airline work? How to ensure that ground personnel can push back the plane while communicating with air traffic control? “

Dunham said he had practiced smooth flights, but also flights that mimicked emergencies, such as a theft or engine failure.

“With the pilot shortage and the high demand for pilots, it’s easy to rush into training and say I’ll get there and fly the plane. We don’t just teach you how to fly, we teach you scenarios, the systems behind the aircraft, and we really provide a safe experience for us as well as future passengers, ”explained Dunham.

Currently, Purdue has approximately 103 freshmen who have declared their major in aviation. Last year there were 38 students and the year before 78. The school is recruiting for its program in hopes of helping fill what has been described as a severe pilot shortage.

“We are also working very hard with middle and high schools to increase the base. The industry has responded with great compensation packages and has done its job. Now we need to find a way to make students better understand that this is a viable career path, ”Suckow said.

Several major airlines have told CBS4 they are hiring, including Delta Airlines, Southwest Airlines and American Airlines.

“Hiring pilots is really a boom or a bust,” Suckow said. “It’s very cyclical. There are many years when there are extreme hires. They overcome their seniority and then you get the extreme pensions. We are in this phase of retirement.

Purdue professor Jason Cutter said their program also focuses on the mental preparation of pilots.

“Flying the plane, physically piloting the plane, is a very small part of the job. It’s all those other things that go with it, like looking after the passengers, knowing how to look after the crew members, being able to support the crew members, ”he said. “One of the changes since September 11 is that the cockpit door remains locked. So if something happens in mid-flight, the way we react to it now as a captain is very different from how we would have handled it 30 years ago. It is a stressful time for everyone in the industry.

Cutter said that when he was a captain he would occasionally get up from his seat and approach the individual himself. Now the captains can’t do that.

“Usually they would respond to that authority figure of the captain. Now that option is off the table. We trust our cabin crew to take care of it instead.”

TSA confirms flight attendants take self-defense courses

As of September 21, 2021, the FAA reported that there had been more than 4,000 unruly passengers since the start of the year. More than 3,000 of these were mask-related incidents, resulting from the federal travel mask mandate requiring everyone on airports, planes, trains and other public transportation to wear a face cover.

CBS4 spoke to the Transportation Security Administration about what they are doing to reduce the current strain. TSA spokesperson for the Great Lakes region, Jessica Mayle, confirmed that about 3,000 flight attendants chose to take a self-defense course to assist them in flight.

“It’s a confined environment up there. You don’t have access to a lot of tools that we would have on the ground in a threatening situation, so we just want to make sure the flight attendants are able to protect themselves appropriately, ”she explained.

Mayle did not believe any Indiana-based flight attendant took the course in 2021.

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EMSA remotely piloted planes help Spanish authorities actively monitor sulfur emissions from ships transiting the Strait of Gibraltar – sUAS News https://pilotin.org/emsa-remotely-piloted-planes-help-spanish-authorities-actively-monitor-sulfur-emissions-from-ships-transiting-the-strait-of-gibraltar-suas-news/ https://pilotin.org/emsa-remotely-piloted-planes-help-spanish-authorities-actively-monitor-sulfur-emissions-from-ships-transiting-the-strait-of-gibraltar-suas-news/#respond Tue, 21 Sep 2021 12:33:03 +0000 https://pilotin.org/emsa-remotely-piloted-planes-help-spanish-authorities-actively-monitor-sulfur-emissions-from-ships-transiting-the-strait-of-gibraltar-suas-news/

During the summer, EMSA remotely piloted planes monitored the level of sulfur oxides released by ships passing through the Strait of Gibraltar, one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world. The operation carried out by the Spanish Directorate General of the Merchant Marine – under the leadership of the Spanish Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda – marks the first time that these emissions have been monitored by drones outside the zones of specially designated emission control in Northern Europe. Flights have been operational since mid-July from a base in Tarifa and will continue until the end of October.

The project to test the effectiveness of drones in measuring polluting emissions from ships was set up by the Spanish Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda (MITMA), in collaboration with the Harbor Master’s Office of ‘Algeciras and the General Directorate of the Merchant Navy. Using EMSA’s Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS), the objective is to detect sulfur oxide emissions above a certain level indicating a possible violation of the International Convention on Marine Pollution ( MARPOL – Annex VI). The current limit for sulfur oxide in ship fuels is 0.50% by mass.

The aircraft used is a CAMCOPTER® S100 and it is under contract with the EMSA of the consortium of Nordic Unmanned, Norce and UMS Skeldar. It has several features that make it a useful tool for the service, including the ability to take off and land vertically from an area less than 25 square meters, a flight range of over six hours and a range of over 100 km. To help detect gases generated by fuel combustion and expelled from ship’s funnels, the aircraft is fitted with gas sensors and cameras that cover both optical and infrared spectral ranges.

Since July 12, the RPAS has carried out two flights daily with an average of ten inspections per day. Current figures show that out of 294 vessels checked, some 27 were found to be in possible violation of the sulfur content limits in their fuel. The measurements and records are automatically encoded in the information exchange system which triggers an alert in the EMSA THETIS-EU database. While this does not directly confirm non-compliance, it helps port authorities target ships for inspection and perform the necessary laboratory tests for possible penalties.


Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) services are offered free of charge to all EU Member States by EMSA. They were developed to assist maritime surveillance and ship emission control operations and can operate in all seas surrounding the European Union. RPAS services can support traditional Coast Guard functions, including search and rescue and pollution prevention and response. Services are offered to Member States individually and as part of the EMSA Regional RPAS Strategy, which allows multiple coastguard functions in multiple EU Member States to be supported by one or more services RPAS. A further regional expansion of RPAS is planned for 2021 and 2022. Find out where EMSA flies.


The European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) is a decentralized agency of the EU, based in Lisbon, Portugal. EMSA serves the EU’s maritime interests for a safe, secure, green and competitive maritime sector, bringing value to Member States through support for pollution prevention and control, maritime surveillance, safety and security, digitization and the provision of integrated maritime services, and technical assistance.

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Hayley Arceneaux of St. Francisville returns to earth after historic space flight | Oriental Feliciana https://pilotin.org/hayley-arceneaux-of-st-francisville-returns-to-earth-after-historic-space-flight-oriental-feliciana/ https://pilotin.org/hayley-arceneaux-of-st-francisville-returns-to-earth-after-historic-space-flight-oriental-feliciana/#respond Tue, 21 Sep 2021 07:15:00 +0000 https://pilotin.org/hayley-arceneaux-of-st-francisville-returns-to-earth-after-historic-space-flight-oriental-feliciana/

It’s safe to say that many residents of St. Francisville were glued to television on Saturday as a girl from her hometown made history.

After three days in space, Hayley Arceneaux and the other members of the all-fan Inspiration4 crew returned to earth on Saturday.

Arceneaux, a Baton Rouge native who grew up in St. Francisville, safely completed the pioneering journey into orbit with a landing in the Atlantic off the coast of Florida.

The SpaceX capsule was parachuted into the ocean just before sunset, not far from where their chartered flight began three days earlier.

A few minutes after the landing, a pair of SpaceX boats stopped alongside the floating capsule. When the hatch was opened on the salvage vessel, Arceneaux was the first to exit, displaying a big smile and a thumbs-up.

The fully amateur crew were the first to tour the world without a professional astronaut.

Arceneaux, 29, a medical assistant from St. Jude who was treated at hospital in Memphis, Tennessee almost two decades ago for bone cancer, has joined businessman-philanthropist Jared Isaacman , who paid an undisclosed sum to book the flight; geoscientist Sian Proctor; and Chris Sembroski, an aerospace industry worker, on the three-day trip to 357 miles above the Earth’s surface.

The crew of the Dragon capsule carried out several experiments, some of which were under the responsibility of Arceneaux as the crew’s military doctor. The mission aimed to shed light on the impact of space flights on the human body.

Environmental and biomedical data and biological samples from the four crew members were collected before, during and after this space flight.

Arceneaux spoke with his patients on the second night of the flight. Arceneaux, the youngest American in space and the first to wear a prosthesis, assured her patients: “I was a little girl undergoing cancer treatment like many of you, and if I can. do, you can do it. “

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The SpaceX Dragon spacecraft did not allow astronauts to pack their bags for vacations, but they could bring personal items. The one Arceneaux intended to bring was one of his late father’s ties.

Grateful for the medical care that saved Hayley’s life when she was an osteosarcoma patient in 2002 in St. Jude, Howard Arceneaux wore a showy St. Jude tie that, in age-old fatherly tradition, has embarrassed his daughter. Howard Arceneaux died of kidney cancer in 2018.

“I would always say, ‘Don’t wear that. It’s not the most fashionable, “” Hayley told NBC’s “Today” show on Aug. 18. “But he insisted on wearing it because he said people would ask him about and then he could tell them about St. Jude. And so, I bring his tie into space.”

Among the items she brought with her is a commemorative gold coin given to her by the West Feliciana School Board. The corresponding pieces were purchased by the West Feliciana Education Foundation for Arceneaux’s mother, Colleen Arceneaux and Brittney Rosenbach, headmistress of Bains Elementary School.

Hayley also brought the book “Goodnight Moon” that she plans to keep for her future children, and a stuffed dog that served as a weightlessness indicator shortly after takeoff. When the rocket’s second-stage motor shut down, she let go of the toy, which was attached to a tether, and it floated into the cabin, informing the crew that it had reached microgravity of space. .

The toy looked like St. Jude’s golden retriever service dogs, and the hospital is selling replicas of the toy as a fundraiser.

Arceneaux brought a shield logo sticker from St. Joseph’s Academy in Baton Rouge, from which she graduated in 2010, and letters from her family to open and read in space.

SpaceX’s fully automated Dragon capsule reached an unusually high altitude of 363 miles after takeoff on Wednesday night. Passing 100 miles past the International Space Station, passengers savored views of Earth through a large bubble-shaped window added to the top of the capsule.

The four men made their way through the atmosphere early Saturday evening, the first space travelers to complete their flight in the Atlantic from Apollo 9 in 1969. The previous two ditching SpaceX crew – carrying astronauts for NASA – were in the Gulf of Mexico.

Editor’s Note: Marcia Dunn, Editor-in-Chief of AP Aerospace, and George Morris, Editor-in-Chief of Advocate, provided reporting for this story.

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Ferrari, plane discovered in bankruptcy of man jailed for fraud by Sir Peter Jackson https://pilotin.org/ferrari-plane-discovered-in-bankruptcy-of-man-jailed-for-fraud-by-sir-peter-jackson/ https://pilotin.org/ferrari-plane-discovered-in-bankruptcy-of-man-jailed-for-fraud-by-sir-peter-jackson/#respond Tue, 21 Sep 2021 04:09:00 +0000 https://pilotin.org/ferrari-plane-discovered-in-bankruptcy-of-man-jailed-for-fraud-by-sir-peter-jackson/
Eugene (Gene) DeMarco had unique skills as a vintage airplane pilot, but was jailed for fraud.  (File photo)

Piers Fuller / Tricks

Eugene (Gene) DeMarco had unique skills as a vintage airplane pilot, but was jailed for fraud. (File photo)

A specialist pilot convicted of defrauding filmmaker Sir Peter Jackson has not suspended his bankruptcy pending appeal.

Eugene John DeMarco, 59, served time in jail for dishonesty crimes against victims, including a business of Jackson and his partner Dame Fran Walsh.

The US-born pilot specialized in flying vintage airplanes and worked for about a decade for Jackson and Walsh’s aircraft company The Vintage Aviator Ltd, where he was a director until that irregularities were discovered in 2017, which ultimately led to his conviction and imprisonment for fraud.

He was declared bankrupt with a civil debt of $ 323,441 due to false claims regarding the waterproofing of a Wellington home he was selling.

* ‘Peter stolen to pay Peter’: the case of Sir Peter Jackson to recover from fraudster
* Real Estate Transaction Gone Wrong: Debt Settlement Offer of $ 323,441.53 for $ 5
* Filmmakers Jackson and Walsh in civil case against convicted fraudster
* Aviator Vintage Fraudster Eugene DeMarco to be released, Parole Board decides

Filmmaker Sir Peter Jackson was a friend and employer of DeMarco before his dishonesty was discovered in 2017. (File photo)

Ross Giblin / Stuff

Filmmaker Sir Peter Jackson was a friend and employer of DeMarco before his dishonesty was discovered in 2017. (File photo)

When the buyers canceled the contract, DeMarco retained their deposit of $ 120,000. They successfully sued him and were awarded costs.

He asked the appeals court to stay the bankruptcy pending an appeal against the decision to bankrupt him.

In a ruling on Tuesday, the court refused, for reasons which included that some assets and property needed to be investigated and secured, if necessary.

They included real estate in New York and Florida, a Ferrari car in New York and a plane in New Zealand which may be in the process of being transferred to a company in the UK, the court was told. .


Heavenly Creatures put Peter Jackson on the world map as a filmmaker, but it would never have been made without Fran Walsh.

The Court of Appeal said it agreed with the official assignee who oversaw the administration of DeMarco’s estate that the stay of bankruptcy was likely to be “highly prejudicial” to the public interest.

The unsecured creditors, and the couple who filed for bankruptcy to recover the deposit they paid and the costs they incurred, had the right to ensure that the administration of DeMarco’s affairs be completed as quickly as possible, the court said.

DeMarco’s appeal against the bankruptcy order may continue.

However, the court noted that an earlier appeal against compensation for damages that laid the groundwork for bankruptcy was treated as having been abandoned in June because it failed to follow the procedural steps to have an audience.

Jackson, Walsh, and others have ongoing civil lawsuits against DeMarco.

Due to his bankruptcy, DeMarco was unable to participate in recent civil cases, but he had previously argued that he was owed large sums.

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