Experts give advice amid frequent flight cancellations

INDIANAPOLIS — If you’ve flown anywhere recently, you know it’s a gamble whether you’ll arrive on time or not at all. Also, travelers are not always able to get their money back.

transportation security administration (TSA) reports that 2.4 million travelers passed through the airport on Thursday, with more than 6 million more traveling through the holiday weekend.

“The odds of something happening to you, like right now while you’re traveling, are higher than not,” said travel agent Victoria Fricke. “So we kind of have to think that something is going to go wrong on our journey.”

Fricke owns his business as a travel agent and says she tells her customers to always buy theft insurance.

“The reason it’s so valuable is that I can almost guarantee every time that if you need insurance, the cost of your insurance policy is significantly less than the cost of any fiasco you’ll have to pay out of your pocket,” Fricke explained. .

Fricke said one way to save some money is to purchase travel insurance from another third-party company, not the airline’s website.

“It’s actually more expensive through the airline third party than booking a third party on your own,” Fricke said. “The cover is the same. So there is a link on my site to Ark Insurancewhich is the one I usually offer to my clients. »

The US Department of Transportation said consumers are entitled to a refund on their flight if the flight is canceled, the airline significantly changes its schedule, or the delay is so long that the person chooses not to wait for the flight. But Fricke said, generally speaking, there are times when you won’t be reimbursed.

“When the weather is involved, when there’s potentially a strike, when there’s civil unrest in a country, things like that that are beyond their control, it unfortunately falls on you,” Fricke explained.

The Department of Transportation includes some notes that consumers should keep in mind before purchasing a ticket. You can read them on

Fricke said his best advice to consumers is to pack enough extra clothes and medicine for a day or two of an unexpected hotel stay, book the first flight of the day, and always treat the staff well. at the airport.

“The counter and the gate agent, they are your first priority. You want to get into this line for as long as it is because they have the most options to find you on another carrier, to give you a voucher for food, or for a hotel stay Fricke said. “They have more power than a call center.”

The Department of Transport also explains which aspects of your trip the airlines do not offer refunds for at least

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