Eviation unveils production design for all-electric Alice aircraft

US-based electric aircraft developer and builder Eviation Aircraft has unveiled the production design for its all-electric Alice aircraft, which the company says will make its first flight later this year.

Based in Washington State, Eviation has been working for several years on the launch of its all-electric Alice aircraft. A nine-passenger, two-crew aircraft, Alice produces zero carbon emissions in flight and significantly reduces noise as well as costs, which are only a fraction of what current planes cost per flight hour.

With a maximum range of 440 nautical miles (NM) and a maximum cruising speed of 220 knots, the launch of Alice’s production configuration puts the aircraft on track to certification and eventual commissioning, which should take place as early as 2024.

“Sharing our Alice design production is a special day for Eviation and our partners. It also represents a final step in our iterative journey to Alice’s first flight, ”said Eviation CEO Omer Bar-Yohay.

“Electric aviation will continue to open up new possibilities for affordable and sustainable regional travel around the world. Alice is about to turn that possibility into reality soon.

Alice is powered by two magni650 electric prolusion units from magniX – another Washington state-based aviation but originally based on the Gold Coast – which has had its magni650 engines air-tested in other aircraft in the past. , making it the only flight proven electric propulsion system available at Alice’s scale.

The aircraft’s advanced fly-by-wire – a term for fully electric control systems – was manufactured by US technology company Honeywell, while the on-board, single-volume, high-energy-density battery system is made from currently available battery cells and is not yet dependent on future advances in battery technology.

As such, based on proven technologies, Alice is a transparent step forward for pilots while creating what Eviation hopes will be a “superior passenger flight experience”, one that will accelerate the aircraft’s time to market.

Image provided. The Aviation team pictured at Aviation Headquarters in Arlington, Washington.

“Alice is a beautiful aircraft and represents the future of flying, plain and simple,” said Executive Chairman of Aviation, Roei Ganzarski.

“Add zero emissions, less noise and significantly lower operating costs, and communities will be connected like never before and get started sooner than you think.”

The Aviation aircraft is currently expected to first be available in the US and EU markets, but in 2019 Eviation nonetheless referred to the “process of obtaining certification in Australia”. However, Australian certification will likely be easier to acquire once Alice has already achieved certification in major overseas markets.

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